Website refresh

Visitors to the site over the last year or so would have noticed Drupal error messages in various places of the site. These were caused by incompatibilities between our old Drupal version and the oldest php version accessible to us on our hosted server. Due to its age, updating the CMS was going to be an involved process, especially since none of the FFADO developers were deeply familiar with it or the numerous third party plugins in use. Last week Yonas Yanfa generously offered to upgrade and refresh the site for us, which we gratefully accepted.

There were some unexpected issues encountered when deploying the new site onto our hosted server which held up the process for a few days, but these have been overcome. As a result the refreshed site is now live. The FFADO project deeply appreciates the assistance given by Yonas; without his expertise the process would have taken far longer, if at all. Check out Yonas’s blog which covers technology, music, photography, and humor.