FFADO 2.4.7 released

The FFADO project announces the availability of FFADO version 2.4.7. This is a bug-fix release to address issues encountered since version 2.4.6.

This is a source-only release: libffado-2.4.7.tgz.

Changes since FFADO 2.4.6:

  • Address additional type-related issues encounted in ffado-mixer when using python 3.10. Components affected were the crossbar router and the M-Audio device mixer.

  • Update config.guess to the latest version. This supports newer architectures such as RISCV64.

  • Address compiler warnings reported by newer versions of gcc.

  • Add a configuration entry for the Apogee Duet.

Thanks to those who have helped with this release, including Salvador O.G., Letu Ren, Nils Philippsen and Greg Dorian.