FFADO 2.4.1 released

FFADO version 2.4.1 is now available. This is a bugfix release with many of the changes associated with the use of python3 and distribution packaging.

This is a source-only release: libffado-2.4.1.tgz.

Issues addressed in this release include:

  • Fix some python syntax which was not compatible with python3. These were missed during the preparation of FFADO 2.4.0.
  • Modify the SCons build system to allow for scons running under python3. As of this release there seem to be a number of issues in scons itself when running under python3, so building FFADO in this environment is not yet guaranteed.
  • Merge distribution patches provided by package maintainers.
  • Address some difficulties experienced by package maintainers when compiling FFADO.
  • Improve the output of ffado-diag.

Thanks to the developers and users who contributed to this release: Nicolas Bouleng, Benoit Delcour, David Kastrup, Hector Martin, Orcan Ogetbil, Dave Plater, David Runge, Jano Svitok and Jonathan Woithe. If an omission has been made please contact us through the mailing list so this can be corrected.