This is not an mLAN interface. Reported to work by Luis Pablo Gasparotto. The necessary configuration file entry was added in svn r2154.
Takashi Sakamoto added device-specific ffado-mixer GUI support for this device in r2404 and r2405.

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I have no "hard" evidence, but believe this interface to be a rebadged TerraTec PHASE X24 FW.

The layout of all the controls and ports is the same, the manual contains sections that are identical to those from TerraTec, the Windows control panel looks the same, the firmware version is (for now) identical and the INF files say:

; COPYRIGHT: (c) 2006 YAMAHA Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
; (c) 2004 Thesycon GmbH / BridgeCo AG

and has a structure very similar to those from TerraTec drivers.

I'm going to try altering the freebob driver for the TerraTec PHASE X24. I'll change the deviceid to a yamaha deviceid and recompile.
Hopefully it will then detect the yamaha device as a terratec device instead-this could work if i get lucky :)
Does anyone know of anything more that might be involved, or has anyone tried this yet?

any news about this?

This unit works OK almost out the box. I only added these lines to /usr/libffado/configuration:
vendorid = 0x0000A0DE;
modelid = 0x0010000C;
vendorname = "YAMAHA";
modelname = "GO46";
driver = 1; # BeBoB
mixer = "Phase24Control";
xmit_max_cycles_early_transmit = 4;

And this line to /etc/udev/rules.d/
ATTR{vendor}=="0x0000A0DE", GROUP="audio", ENV{ID_FFADO}="1" # Yamaha

After doing those changes I would consider it "Reported to Work".