Support for additional devices

With our 2.0 release approaching in an albeit slow but steady pace, we are happy to announce some additional devices that will be supported in the future 2.x release.

This week Focusrite provided me with a brand-new Saffire PRO 40 to ensure FFADO compatibility of this device. I should stress that they contacted me, making this device is the first one where the vendor actively seeks FFADO support. Bonus points for Focusrite.

The Saffire PRO 40 uses a DICE chipset for its digital I/O routing. This means that it will be the first fully FFADO supported DICE based device (we still lack the information to address the TC Konnekt mixers). The good news is that we have the DICE streaming code already in place in the development code tree for quite some time now. This makes that the device is already happily streaming on my machine and I can use it for recording.

The bad news is that there is a feature freeze for the 2.0 release, and that DICE support is not in it. The mixer code is also still a work in progress. It will therefore still take a few months before the PRO 40 is on par with the other devices.

Even more bonus points for Focusrite: they provided us with an additional Saffire LE to improve support for this device.

The 2.1 release will most likely also bring support for the Behringer FCA=202. I should also mention their positive attitude: within one week after the first inquiry from my side I had a test device available.



I'm new here, as I never had to use Ffado (and even Freebob) till today. Though I'm quite used with Linux audio (I'm technician for a linux-based studio with RME cards - under a self-customized Debian).
I'm going to buy a Saffire Pro 40 for stage purposes, and I may give you my help by testing some things with mine, if you want/need.
Just tell me.


I have been watching the development activity of ffado for a long time. It seems to have slowed? Does that mean we have a stable release canidate? When is the full realese scheduled?

Yes, i was working with PHONIC until now.

But after I red the comment I've ordered a Focusrite PRO 40, beacause i thing it is beter and has beter
components, but until now i heve refused to buy other interfaces
wich don't give support to GNU/Linux (FFADO).

Saludos Juanra. He visto que casi has podido arrancar el saffire pro 40. Yo lo tengo y no puedo con él. Podrias enviarme en un archivo los pasos que hay que hacer para poder compilar con éxito la máquina. Te estaría muy agradecido.


Xavi. Ubuntu Studio 8.04 sobre toshiba tecra s4. El chip fireware integrado no tengo ni idea de la marca que es.

Finalmente lo he hecho funcionar.
Primero inicializar la PRO40 desde Windos o MacOS.
Actualizar el driver desde la pagina de Focusrite.
La tarjeta Firewire ha de ser por narices con chipset de Texas Instrument
( VIA no la he probado, pero mi Ricoh no funciona y eso que si lo hace con
las Phonic)
Instalar ffado desde svn ( con soporte para DICE) y jack tambien.

Finally it works
First step is to upgrade de firmware of device
from focusrite site, thru windows or MacOS.
The Firewire card must be a Texas Instrument chipset
( I,ve no tried VIA, but my Ricoh Firewire doesn,t work)
Install ffado (with DICE support) and jack, both from svn.

Gracias amigo, Voy a probar suerte. Eres un fenómeno juanra. Muy amable por el post.

It works finally. Thanks you very much. Now I can use the focusrite. Very kind juanra.

Saludos y muchísimas gracias

Hola Igny

He visto que lo has logrado. Bravo.
Estoy considerando comprarme la Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, pero FFADO dice que recién incluirán este driver en la versión 2.1 o más...

¿En qué consiste tu éxito? O sea ¿Qué nivel de compatibnilidad has obtenido? ¿Funciona todo? ¿Se congela? ¿Se atora y comienza a entrecortar?

Te agradeceré mucho algo de información en este sentido.

Mil gracias.


Hi Igny,
I see you've got it working. Good job!
I'm considering buying the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, but FFADO says support for this device won't be included until v. 2.1 or higher...

What is it exactly you succeeded at? i.e.: What level of compatibility were you able to achieve? Did you get everything working? Do you get any freezes? Does it start choking and breaking up?

I thank you very much in advance for any info on this.

Thanks a million!


Saludos Soundpro69. El focusrite funciona con jack con las entradas y salidas listas para ser enrutadas. La calidad de los previos es muy buena. También puedes pinchar una guitarra o un bajo directamente. La calidad también es buena. No he tenido xruns con jack. Con ardour sin pegas. Con audacity no va igual (ubuntu studio 8.0.4)

Hi Soundpro69. The focursrite works with jack with its in and outs prepared to be routed. The quality of is micros is very good. Also you can "punch" a guitar or a bass directly. The quality is also good. I haven't got xruns. With Ardour it works perfectly. With audacity it's a bit different (ubuntu studio 8.0.4)


Gracias Igny,

Lo estaré pidiendo pronto y volveré al ataque con las manos en la masa. Tal vez necesite preguntar algo más entonces. Como no sé cómo contactar a otros usuarios de FFADO, te dejo my dirección. Y si me mandas un E-mail quedamos en contacto para el futuro. Prometo no molestarte a menos que agote las posibilidades por mi cuenta. soundpro69ARROBAgmailPUNTOcom. Reemplazando "ARROBA" y "PUNTO" por sus correspondientes símbolos, obviamente.

Muchísimas gracias.


Thank you Igny,
I'll order mine soon. I may get back with questions once I try hands-on.
Thanks again!


No padezcas. Ayudarnos entre todos es preciso. Yo no lo podía hacer solo y también fui ayudado.

Lo que haga falta.

Saludos :)

Saludos: creo que compilo bién ffado. Al menos gscanbus muestra el focus. Luego me atasco con jackd desde el svn. Lo descargo, sigo las instrucciones y no puedo compilarlo. Se admite ayuda juanra.


Good morning,
First, I apologize for my bad English.
Are several months that I try to use my Mackie Onyx Satellite with FFADO, but with poor results. I just got the Vendor Code and Device Code (FF2 : 200F).
I'm not an expert in Linux, so I call to you. If there is no new version of RC2, can someone explain to me (step-by-step) operations to extend the FFADO support to my sound card?
Thanks to all!