Helix Board 18 FireWire

I've been using this for some time now on various flavors of Ubuntu. Should work with any properly configured freebob aware Jack install. Seems to work flawlessly. The same is almost certainly true of the rest of the HelixBoard line.

Support Status: 
Reported to work


Hello, I am happy that this device works! I use ubuntustudio. In Jack just choose freebob and set the number of input and output channels.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this. Greetings from Austria.

This device works flawessly for me, with the default ffado and jack shipped in Ubuntu 9.10 karmic.

Only a word of caution: everything is sent pre-fader (and pre-eq, and pre-locut) to the firewire port. This is not linux specific, but the device being designed that way. This means that all those nice buttons have no effect when streaming the audio to the computer. Only the gain knob for mics have effect.

After purchasing :( I realized the above, and that the MKII version, which seemed identical to me except for the price, has a small button in each track to send pre or post fader (& post-eq etc) to the firewire port. I'd certainly pay for the difference.

Now I'm wondering myself wheter the MKII version works in linux or not (it should, but who knows), and whether the 2 firewire ports are there to chain another device or not, regarding a possible additional purchase of the MKII and its use chained to the one I currently have.