More experiments... now with a TC Konnekt

As I also have access to the TCAT platform abstraction layer, I was wondering if I could pull off the same trick as with ECHO. Hey, once I start experimenting, it's difficult to stop...

So this is what a day of hacking resulted in:

click here for the full-size version

Notice the metering on the Fabrik C compressor. On my screen they move...

For those that are too enthusiastic, it's important to note that the TC electronic devices are NOT supported in the upcoming 2.0 release. They are only supported in the 2.1 development tree.

For sports, some loaded screenshots:

click here for the full-size version

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I am really looking forward to this driver :)

Best regards

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D user

This driver is very important for me. I have seeked for it when I was at university. Very cool for me :)

its important for me too.. waiting for working on linux with this driver.

I also waiting for linux driver for my TC Electronic Konnekt Live :))). I hope the driver will be released soon.

Would be very nice to be able to use a professional card like Konnekt24D under Linux.

Edit: I have gotten it to work. Search tc-electronics forum for Konnekt24d - Linux.

Will this tease become a reality any time soon???

I have heard of others who claim to have gotten their TC gear running but nobody will share exactly how they got it to work.

If I am not wrong , Are you running TC Control Panel for Konnekt under Linux???
┬┐How can do you do that?

I've tried it with wine but it cannot find the device.