ProFire 2626

Reported to work by "ilia_2s" in the comments.

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Reported to work


Hello there,

I'm a newby is this kind of thing and not a real programmer but i like to help in this for me interesting project. My question is how can I help? I've got a Profire 2626 from M-audio and I would like to see it work under Linux. If I can help tell me.


Is there any way I can help with the drivers for this?

I have been lent a profire 2626 for a week or so - and will be trying it out on linux tonight.

A driver is being added to the SVN - so it should be usable soon.


I have a profire 2626. I'd love to use it on ubuntu 10.10
I am using ffado Version: 2.999.0- (it is in the repositories) but can't get the profire 2626 to work.

do you have any clues on how to proceed?


Is the 2626 still a non supported device? How are things going with the driver you reported ans being in the SVN?

I'm in the market for an interface and really like the looks of this one other than the lack of (or hazy) support. Any progress in the last 10 months? Thanks for any info available.

I can not wait to go back to Linux and use my 2626.

wondering if there is any update on getting the profire working?

I'm not sure to be honest. The FFADO configuration file in svn trunk includes an entry for the 2626 and points the mixer to the generic DIC EAP mixer, so it appears that somewhere along the lines someone was able to get some joy out of the interface. However, given that only the generic mixer is invoked it's quite likely that some mixer/routing features are not yet accessible.

None of the above should be interpreted as an indication that the device works. I don't own a 2626 myself, I don't know of any other developers who do, and I am unaware of any recent tests involving the 2626 and FFADO. Ideally we will receive some feedback from people who have actually tried the 2626 with a recent svn trunk revision of FFADO and can tell us what works and what doesn't with the current code base.

Sorry I can't be more specific.

Sometime ago (~half a year) I was able to get sounds in and out of my Profire 2626. I didn't do extensive testing nor checked stability. The mixer and router were generic ones, though I was able to dial a mix. I'm planning to check svn trunk, I just didn't find time yet... If there something specific I should run, please tell me.

Ok, i just got a 2626 to serve mainly as an A/D D/A converter but i'd like it to also work as an interface, is there any tip i should look at?

Any help will be apreciated, thanks!
Btw, i also own a Saffire Pro40, works ok so far!

The ProFire devices are not completely DICE compatible; some vendor-specific magic is necessary to allow more than 16 channels (or more than 8 channels at 192 kHz).

Ok, i just got a Profire 2626, while its not my main priority as i will mostly use it as a A/D D/A Converter i want to make it work on my system so, should there be any particular things to look at? Right now i turned it on and neither ffado dbus server nor jack responded to it....

Any help will be appreciated

OS: Ubuntu Studio 12.04
Interfaces: M-Audio Profire 2626 / Focusrite Saffire Pro40

I actually got the 2626 to work, but just for inputs (no outputs) or just outputs (no inputs), it seems its got something to do with how the interface recognices it is conected to a PC and has to work with the firewire driver or stand alone mode, anybody else got it to work right???

OS: Ubuntu Studio 12.04
CPU: AMD PhenomII 955 X4 3.2GHz
RAM: 8GB 1600Mhz
Interfaces: M-Audio Profire 2626 & Focusrite Saphire Pro 40

I change my profire 610 to Profire 2626 (Both card have a same DICE-chip and schematics, but 2626 have more analog inputs and outputs, adat and worldclock soldered to the chip) and I can report that it works prefectly like profire 610! (FFADO v 2.1.0-, ubuntu studio 12.10, out of BOX)

look here Yes!

Now It works perfectly!

Profire 2626 works prefectly now!