Mackie Onyx Mixers

Today we received the Onyx Mixer with FireWire expansion card Mackie provided us with. This means that the FireWire option card for the Onyx Mixers will be supported in the upcoming FFADO release.

Note that currently only the Onyx Mixers are supported, NOT the Onyx 400F, 1200F or Satellite.


searched the site but didn't see any proposed dates for when we can expect the next release. this is exciting, we've been trying to figure out how to get the most out of our mackie onyx 1620 and now our prayers have been answered. please tell me this will happen soon.

Ah, yes, to be able to finally get the most out of my onyx satellite would be a dream come true.

I'm a developer, myself. I'm familiar with linux, but a newcomer to both firewire and audio on linux. I'd be happy to contribute (and learn if necessary) if someone has a little time to nudge me in the right direction.

Hello, I hate to reawaken old threads from the dead, but....

I'm thinking about buying a Mackie Onyx Satellite but haven't seen much support. This thread hasn't had a new comment since a little more than a year ago.
I also have Googled looking around and haven't found any FFADO support for this device that was current. There seemed to be a lot of frustration around late '07 and early to mid '08, but no current info.
I suppose what I'm asking is, is there a current FFADO distro that will work with this device?
If there isn't will we see one in the near future?
And lastly, is there a blatant link I've missed and wasted loads of everyones time?
Thank you for the support you've already given and the time for reading this post.


First of all, congratulations to all you ffado workers, doing a great job to allow us to play music in a free environment.

I'm adding my voice to the precedent request :)
I own an Onyx Satellite and can't wait to use it under Linux Ubuntu - actually, i didn't switch of OS yet for this lack of support...

Thanks for listening to our request !



We can't do much about this as we don't have access to the hardware.

Does anyone know if the new Mackie Onyx mixers have the same hardware in the mixer as the Onyx Mixer with FireWire expansion card that was added into FFADO. I just purchased a Mackie Onyx 1220i and would like get it working with Ardour, FFADO, etc.

I used to be a C++ programmer, but I'm not much of a device driver developer. If anyone is interested in helping me out, I can provide debugging and such on my end once I get the hardware setup.


The new Onyx cards use an Oxford chipset, in other words other hardware. But I've heard that it sort-of works with FFADO.

In any case please bother Mackie about it as they explicitly asked for user support requests.

Mackie Onyx 1620 firewire is apparently supported by ffado,

So I am very new to the whole Linux Os, but I love it whole-heartedly. The only problem, which is a big one for me, is connecting all of my music equipment up to my laptop. I have tried everything in my meagre bag of tricks to fix the problem, so anyone who can shed some light on my situation would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the problem:

Jack control is not reading that there is a ffado connection. And it keeps popping up error messages that say, "Could not start Jack. Sorry."

The ffado-mixer is picking up the onyx connection but then reads, "This panel is merely a placeholder for devices that don't have a mixer panel (yet)."

Here is what I've done:

So the connection I know is there, because it is picking it up and I have a firewire external that works fine through the same port. (start with the simplest things first right?)

I have tried every driver selection in the jack setup settings menu. No matter what, upon starting, it says, "Could not start Jack. Sorry."

I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything like three times (windows habit) and checked to make sure everything seems compatible and up to date. Nothing works! I would really hate to switch back over to Windows, but if I can't get this resolved then I'm afraid I just might have to. PLEASE HELP!

First a disclaimer: I have no personal experience with the Mackie gear so I don't know what the current level of support for the Onyx 1620 is.

In order to provide detailed assistance we (as in the FFADO developers) will need some more information. Most importantly we need to know which Linux distribution you are running (eg: Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, etc) and the version number of that distribution. It is also helpful if you can confirm the version of ffado your system has (which can be determined by running the command "ffado-test -V" (without the quotes) - the version number will be the last line printed).

It's also sometimes useful if you can run the ffado-diag program and post the output reported by that.

Collectively this gives us a good idea of what system you're running which allows more targeted suggestions to be made.

With this additional information other users/developers with Onyx experience may chime in with some suggestions. If this doesn't happen it may be worthwhile joining up to the ffado-users and/or ffado-devel mailing list and post your question(s) there. Some developers watch the lists far more frequently than the forums so you may get a faster response that way. Details about the mailing lists are in the "contact" section of the website (see left hand navigation column).