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Judging from the specs on the site, this device might have the same FireWire ciruitry as the 1814. Meaning that it is not supported.

I can confirm that this does not work with the latest SVN build of ffado.
If I can lend my interface to help get compatibility for this device, just let me know!

If my memory serves me correctly, this interface uses a proprietary protocol, and M-Audio have not released details of it to us. This makes it difficult and time consuming to support. Protocol analysis (as was done for the MOTU interfaces) could be used to get it working, but someone with the necessary hardware (PCILynx card or firewire bus analyser) would need physical access to ProjectMix device in order to do this work. The work would also require a fair amount of time.

If you want to pursue the option of lending an interface to facilitate the work, please contact me via details you'll find in my numerous posts to the ffado-user and ffado-devel mailing lists (my username is as per this post). Keep in mind though that all FFADO developers work in their own time, and generally complex tasks like protocol analysis only tend to be done if the developer has permanent access to an interface (it's a motivation thing as much as anything else). However, we are always happy to discuss options with people such as yourself).

I've decided to have a go at it myself.

There's a page over on the wiki detailing my progress so far:

ProjectMix Wiki

Great! Please let us know if we can be of assistance. Note that the ffado-devel mailing list is probably the better platform for ongoing development-related discussions. It can get rather unwieldy on the forums.

It's a bit tough to get this one working, but ffado-mixer does control the internal mixer, and with Takashi Sakamoto's snd-bebob driver, it will work.

I've written a how to/tutorial on how to set it up.

Hope this helps someone.

How to Get Your M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Working in Linux