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Hi There,

Thanks everyone for this possibility to get some support.

I am thinking to purchase an Echo Audiofire 8Pre.
I'd like to know if it's fully supported in the last version of ffado.

(I am intending to use Ardour in order to do the recordings that I need to do)



To maximise exposure of your question to users I recommend you subscribe to the ffado-user or ffado-devel mailing list and ask your question there. More users read the lists than follow comment threads on the website. The mailing lists are most likely to put you in contact with people who have used the AF Pre8 and know what works and what doesn't.

For the streaming side of the Audiofire devices (that is, getting audio in and out of the device) it is worth noting that there is some parallel work going on with an in-kernel driver. While this is still experimental at this stage it is expected to mature over the next few months. Details of progress on this is posted regularly in the ffado-devel mailing list.

Unfortunately I can't answer your question with certainty because I do not have the AF Pre8, or any other AudioFire devices for that matter. I understand that at least some of the Pre8 functionality works with FFADO but I do not have the detailed information easily at hand.