RME driver gains a mixer

The matrix mixer capability of the RME Fireface 400 is now available through ffado-mixer. There is still some functionality remaining to be done, including:

  • Phase inversion, mute (requires tweaks to the matrix mixer GUI)
  • Better labelling and control sizing
  • Retention of settings across ffado and device restarts

I plan to fix the first two up in the coming weeks (the third may take a bit longer). In the meantime, basic matrix fader operation should work on the Fireface 400. Testers are welcome. As for other FFADO devices, one does not require the streaming component of FFADO (though jackd) to run in order to control the mixer through ffado-mixer: just run ffado-mixer.


Thanks for informing about this and posting this. I didn't knew that the matrix mixer function of the RME Fireface 400 is available through ffado-mixer. Hope you will fix those issues soon!

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The news post you're referring to is from quite some time ago. Since then most of the issues noted in it have been addressed. As of FFADO 2.1.0, the RME module of ffado-mixer includes phase inversion, mute functionality and intelligently labels and sizes controls. The only outstanding issue from the earlier list is the last one: FFADO still does not allow the flash memory of the FF400 to be used to store device settings across device restarts. This will be worked on but I don't have an ETA at this stage.

There are two other features which the FFADO RME driver does not currently (as of FFADO 2.1.0) support: MIDI I/O, and the use of the Time Code Option (TCO) on the FF800. Again, these will be done but I don't know exactly when.