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Reported to work


I tested the Apogee Minidac with Firewire option with a posivive result in the following environment
Dell Latitude C640
PCMCIA with Firewire 6 Pin Port (Exsys with Texas Instrument Chipset, the use of T.I. or Lucent Chipset, due to Apogee documentation, is mandatory), the card is powered at 12 v.d.c with an external power supply because the Firewire Option in the Minidac is powered by the firewire cable and the PCMCIA natively doesn't provide the power.
Ubuntu Studio 9.10
Jack Control
Audacious player

I completed the test, with positive results, playing high-resolution audio files (96Khz 24Bit) using Aqualung Player instead of Audacity Player because Audacity doesn't work with these files.
Tracks are ripped from a DVD Audio using DVDA Explorer. The environment is the same as described in my first post