Update on Vendor support

Over the last weeks we have been communicating with some vendors, resulting in some extra information on vendor support.

The good news:

  • Focusrite provided a Saffire, a Saffire PRO26 and the necessary information (i.e. all we need)
  • Echo Audio will provide provided an AudioFire 2 and the necessary info and developer support (including source code).
  • Terratec Producer and ESI were with us from the start, and they still are.


  • Presonus will has promised to provide us with everything we need. (but hasn't delivered yet)
  • We have contact with Focusrite, but we still have to work out the details.
  • TC Electronic are interested (regarding the Konnekt devices) but there are no specific details yet.
  • Metric Halo have requested us to support their devices, but it has been rather silent on that end.

The bad news:

  • Alesis can't free up the resources to support us for the moment. Once that changes they will contact us.
  • Mackie don't respond to our emails. haven't made up their minds yet.