Mackie Onyx Mixers

Today we received the Onyx Mixer with FireWire expansion card Mackie provided us with. This means that the FireWire option card for the Onyx Mixers will be supported in the upcoming FFADO release.

Note that currently only the Onyx Mixers are supported, NOT the Onyx 400F, 1200F or Satellite.

Focusrite Saffire Support

Focusrite has donated us a Saffire Pro 26 I/O and a Saffire.

This means that now their entire range is upgraded to the 'supported' status, since the Pro10 is a derivative of the Pro26 and the Saffire LE is a derivative of the Saffire.

Kudos to Focusrite (& Nick and Lars in particular).

Echo AudioFire 2

Today we received an AudioFire 2 from Echo Audio, so now we can start working on support for the Echo AudioFire range of devices.

Update on Vendor support

Over the last weeks we have been communicating with some vendors, resulting in some extra information on vendor support.

The good news:

  • Focusrite provided a Saffire, a Saffire PRO26 and the necessary information (i.e. all we need)
  • Echo Audio will provide provided an AudioFire 2 and the necessary info and developer support (including source code).
  • Terratec Producer and ESI were with us from the start, and they still are.


  • Presonus will has promised to provide us with everything we need. (but hasn't delivered yet)
  • We have contact with Focusrite, but we still have to work out the details.
  • TC Electronic are interested (regarding the Konnekt devices) but there are no specific details yet.
  • Metric Halo have requested us to support their devices, but it has been rather silent on that end.

The bad news:

  • Alesis can't free up the resources to support us for the moment. Once that changes they will contact us.
  • Mackie don't respond to our emails. haven't made up their minds yet.

Device Support database updated

The Device Support database has been updated with all FireWire based Audio products I know of / could find.

New name = new sites, new lists, ...

As of today (April 06) we have a new user site, a new developer site, new mailing lists and a new IRC channel.

The end-user site isn't very complete yet, but that will change in the near future. Any help is welcome.

What we don't yet have is a new release, but that is being worked on.

For interested people and end-users we have the Drupal based site you are currently looking at.
For developers, bleeding-edge users & beta testers there is the Trac system at


We will attend the Musikmesse in Frankfurt to meet the people from TC Applied Technologies, the manufacturers of the DICE platform. This visit will also be used as an opportunity to visit all other vendors selling FireWire audio interfaces in order to introduce FFADO to them.

5th Linux Audio Conference, Berlin

The FFADO project was announced as the successor of FreeBoB, broadening the project's target towards all FireWire audio devices.

The current codebase ('FreeBoB-2.0') was demonstrated.