RME Fireface 400 mostly usable (I think)

Implementation of the remaining mixer and device controls for the Fireface-400 is now complete, although some combinations of settings are yet to be tested (particularly those associated with clock sources). This means that the Fireface-400 is getting close to being usable with FFADO now (at least on my system). Wider testing of svn head is encouraged so we can identify any remaining rough edges and see how it performs on a variety of computers. Please use the ffado-devel mailing list to report bugs and other problems.

All CueMix abilities available in the device are accessible via ffado-mixer including mute and phase invert (hint: right-click on the relevant matrix mixer node).

Known issues and points to note:

  • When toggling the phase inversion status, the relevant matrix node goes smoothly to full volume prior to settling back to the inverted state at the designated volume. The cause of this is yet to be determined.
  • Bandwidth limiting hasn’t been tested.
  • The device may still fail to synchronise properly with the PC on startup. If this occurs, stop jack and restart and it should be good. I’m still looking into this.
  • Please report any occurances of the device loosing sync (and jackd crashing) after an extended time of apparently correct operation.
  • Most device setting combinations have not been tested - please report any issues you find.
  • 1x sample rates (44.1 kHz, 48 kHz) have received the most testing to date. 4x rates have been run very infrequently and may still have issues.
  • ffado-mixer does not yet allow setting to be saved to the devices NVRAM. This will come, but probably only once I’ve made some tangible progress on the Fireface-800.

With the Fireface-400 mostly working I intend to move onto the Fireface-800 soon.