Onyx 1200F

Reportedly licensed the ECHO audio implementation.

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Has anyone successfully made one of these work? I wouldn't have bothered trying except that there's an entry for it in the ffadolib2/configuration file that I have. I posted some info on the ffado mailing list (sorry if everyone reading this section also reads that list) but haven't found anyone who has even tried it, and hopefully knows more about troubleshooting and fixing than I do.

The quick summary is that starting JACK gives the same error message as if nothing is connected to the Firewire port. The Mackie Onyx mixer card works when connected to the same port, with the same software, so I know that communication is possible, it's just not happening with the 1200F

I wonder if it could be that the required driver is simply mis-identified. Echo did indeed write the Windows driver for it, but I don't know if the implementation is identical to other Echo devices. The configuration file is pointing it to the Echo driver, but perhaps it's saying "I'm a Mackie not an Echo" and ffado is ignoring it.

Pardon my apparent ignorance. I'm a recording engineer, not a Linux developer. ;)

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