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Works brilliantly for me with the Freebob drivers. Playback was distorted, but is fine if the jack Periods/Buffer is set to 3 instead of 2.


Can't get it workin ...
It would be fine if the Mackie Onyx users could share their jack/freebob settings.

Ubuntustudio 7.10
Onyx 1620
Amd athlon 64

Hello, in the ffado-mixer, I'm getting the error "Somehow the connection to the dbus-service of FFADO couldn't be established.

Any ideas?

Anybody have any comments about the 1640i (or similar, 1620i/1220i) compatibility?


One difference that I see is the 16 sends and 16 returns (so you can play back to mixer). Getting 1640 + the FW card appears to be a bit more than 1640i ... plus there are more returns (if that is important).

I assume that it's based on same interface and the drivers might have a good chance of working with few (if any) tweaks.

--Doug (dx9s)

It's based upon an oxford chipset, so not really the same. I have reports that it sort-of works with FFADO. Mackie explicitly asked that the Linux users would make some noise. So you know what you'll have to do.

To clarify which onyx firewire mixer by mackie is supported by ffado, mackie have a new onyx range, called onyxi. From reading the support list, I presume that the previously released onyx, not the onyxi is the mixer supported. Is this correct? Dan.

I'm experiencing difficulties getting my Mackie Onyx 1220i FireWire mixer to work in Ubuntu Studio 9.10 (64-bit).

Additional information on my system and attempts at getting it to work with JACK - including different JACK settings and trying both "firewire" driver and "freebob" driver - can be found in the following discussion thread over at Ubuntu Forums:

(I am username "th3professor" in those forums.)

Are the "i"-based Mackies supported in any way yet?

If the 1220i (with the "i"), 1620i, and other "i"-based Mackie Onyx FireWire mixers are not yet supported by FFADO, are there any inexpensive fully supported alternatives to connecting my Mackie up to my computer in the mean time?

Is there any word on the "i"-based Mackies being fully supported in the future?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I have an Onyxi (with the "i"). I tried commenting on here the other day though it hasn't posted (yet?). I provided a link to a discussion thread with details on my computer set-up and attempts at getting things working. In any case, I noticed that in JACK the "freebob" driver recognizes the mixer while the "firewire" driver does not recognize it. It is also kind of odd that I have to turn on the mixer *before* I turn on the computer if the old driver is even to recognize the mixer. I'm still experiencing difficulties getting the "freebob" driver to work properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd be glad to help with testing things out, testing settings, etc. if someone would let me know. In the mean time, I hope my previous comment in here is posted, it has more details pertinent to this subject.

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Regarding some of the additional information on attempts so far with JACK, it turned out that even with standard and varied settings in JACK there were conflicts with the ffado drivers and the Onyxi (with "i").

In any case, there should be some details in the original post (that has the Ubuntu Forums link) pertaining to this.

Do one or both of these Belkin cards make the Mackie Onyx-i (or "Onyxi", with the "i") - i.e., the Mackie Onyx 1220i FireWire mixer - compatible with Linux, JACK, Ardour, etc.:

Belkin PCI:

Belkin PCIe:

I was hoping I'd be able to just use my Mackie with the FireWire that came with my motherboard - an ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe HDMI - but apparently the chipset isn't (currently) fully supported/compatible.

If I get a different FireWire card and if that makes the mixer work with Linux and the applications like JACK and Ardour, then I'll definitely get a FireWire card.

Would either of those Belkin cards linked above make everything work?

I'm using the audio that's integrated into my motherboard. In addition to FireWire card, would I need a separate sound card to make things work?

(Also, please let me know if there's any way I can help with testing things out to help with making free firewire audio drivers fully supported and compatible with Linux systems.)

Thank you!


This Sabrent SBT-VT6306 PCI card was recently recommended, just curious to get an additional bit of input on if it'll make the Mackie (Onyxi (with "i")) work with Linux/JACK/etc. before I make a purchase:


(I'm using this motherboard - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131343 - the asus m3n-ht deluxe hdmi.)

Thank you. :)

The Onyx-i mixers are NOT supported at present. They might or might not work, and it might or might not be due to the controller.

A VT6306 based host controller should work, but there are no guarantees.

Understandable. Let me know if I can help in any way. If there's a way to get the Onyxi/Onyx-i mixers working I'd be glad to help.

I don't know if this will help but it might present some information that could come in handy with any reverse-engineering of drivers to make the Onyx-i a supported mixer. The reply in this forum thread has the output of ffado-test Discover from turning the mixer on, restarting computer, then doing a test discover:

I purchased a Mackie Onyx 1220i mixer.
(That is the "Onyx-i", *not* the "Onyx").
I am returning it as it is not currently supported.
(Reverting back to all analog mixer with PCI/PCIe audio interface.)