Helix Board 24 FireWire

I don't actually have the 24, just the 18, but it should be the same firewire chip. There's no reason it shouldn't behave identically to the HelixBoard 18, which has been working flawlessly for me for some time now. Not sure if Phonic changed anything for the MK II's though, so this functionality is only confirmed for the original issue.

Support Status: 
Reported to work


This board now works with ffado. Sometimes some xrun issues and such, but that may be specific to my machine and distro (ubuntu 8.10- known problems with the real time kernel right now I think). I recorded 2 church services yesterday with the phonic and my IBM t41 and it worked, especially for the second service when I used the regular kernel rather than the real time and upped the latency. I was also recording to a slow usb2 drive (on a slow computer), so that may have caused some crashes. But the board now works, which I am happy about, and I can continue to tweak from there.