Helix Board 24 FireWire MKII

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Reported to work


Using Ubuntu Studio 7.10, I kept getting a "Could not set sample rate 48000 to IsoStreamInput plug 0" error when attempting to start jackd with freebob. I have tried several different firewire host interfaces (motherboard, pci card) thinking that may have been contributing to the issue (in addition to changing every setting I could think of) but it does not appear to be. Could this - http://parumi.wordpress.com/category/freebob/ - have any relationship to the Helix not working?

I can confirme, that an older version of FFADO works with my Phonic Helix 24 mkII, though it requires to add some ID's to the source before compilation. I havent tested with the latest FFADO. I think (NOT SURE) that i'm currently running with FFADO svn version 481, and JACK 0.107.5 with ardour 2 and a home compiled realtime kernel version pathed with Ingo Molner preemtive patch / Ubuntu 7.10 on a Dell Inspiron 8200 P4m 1.7/1GB and 7200rpm HD. And i have recorded 16 tracks concurrent tracks at 24bit 48khz on a 3 hours gig, where the recording was paused in between sets. No errors in the recording.

To make it work, I had to add following to the bebob_avdevice.cpp (i think this procedure has changed for newer FFADO versions!). Besides of compiling with following ID, i had to make sure the rights were correct on /dev/raw1394 and in some occasion i had to do a 'insmod ohci1394'

Added code snip for bebob_avdevice.cpp:

static VendorModelEntry supportedDeviceList[] =
{0x001496, 0x00070000, "Phonic", "Helix"},

The 24 MKII is deprecated and replaced by the Helix Board 24 Universal which has the Firewire connection plus USB. I am assuming it will work the same as the MKII, so I ordered one. I will open a new device once I get and it works, or not.

The link for the MKII is: http://www.phonic.com/en/helix-board-24-firewire-mkii.html

The link for the Helix Board 24 Universal is: http://www.phonic.com/en/helix-board-24-universal.html

Also, I found out that I can't add a device, so apparently an admin needs to do that. Phonic has a whole range on new "Universal" Helix boards. Need to add them to the list.