Fireface 800

Coding of the driver has commenced but there is no ETA at present.

Update, 6 January 2011: development of the driver with the ff400 continues and is approaching usability now. Refer to the update on the FF400 device page for full details. Once the ff400 has proven to be operational I hope to bring the ff800 up soon after. Despite the two interfaces differing in important ways I don't see any major complications associated with the ff800 at this stage. There's no estimate as to when this will be done, but I'm currently hoping for around Q2 this year. I'll try to be a little more timely with updates too.

I thank ff800 owners for their patience - I hope to have something for you soon.

Update, 17 April 2011: as per the main announcement, a preliminary driver is now ready for testing with FF400 devices. FF800 devices almost certainly will not work yet. However, once this proves to be operational on more than just my test machine and the mixer has been made useful I will be refining the FF800 sections of the driver. I am hoping the FF800 will follow on from the FF400 fairly quickly due to the reasonable level of commonality between them.

Update, 27 April 2012: the driver is approaching a state where it should be usable for most people now. There are a few known outstanding issues and these are being worked on (most notably, an occasional failure to cleanly start audio streaming). TCO support is planned. "Support status" has been changed to reflect this. Test reports and suggestions are welcome. Note that support for the MIDI ports is not currently implemented.

Update, 23 December 2017: TCO support has been added in FFADO 2.4.0.

Support Status: 
Full Support


I thought RME was hostile towards the idea of linux drivers for its firewire devices. But I see the "Support Status" is listed as "Planned". What plans exist? Is somebody going to reverse engineer it? This would be fantastic news!

Me too, after seeing how awesome Ubuntu can be, it'd be the perfect multimedia platform for the Firefaces. Can't wait!

Just wondering if the plan is still on for Fireface support?


It is indeed, as per the note posted some months ago on the front page. See also the clarifying comment I've added to the FF800 device page (above).

Just wondered if there's any activity on this site. Is the "planned" status accurate for the fireface?? Thanks!

There is activity and yes, the "planned" status is accurate. Refer to the RME comment on the front page from a few months' ago. In short, work on the driver has commenced but I don't have any ETA yet. Current status is that low level device configuration works but audio streaming does not (to be fair though I've only been working on the streaming for a few weeks and over that time I haven't been able to devote a whole lot of time to FFADO). So, watch this space. :-)

It appears to me that the appearance of hostility came about due to interactions between the community and the public face of RME (interactions which came about due to an unfortunate disconnect/misunderstanding between us and the RME developers). A series of fortuitous events towards the end of 2008 and early 2009 went a great way towards resolving the impasse though, and allowed me to tool up to write a fireface driver for FFADO. Having recently had the need to interact with the RME developers to clarify some device details, my current take on the situation is that the developers themselves are not hostile to this effort.

To answer your questions, the "plans" are to fully support both the Fireface-400 and Fireface-800 devices. At this stage of development I can see no technical reason why this will not be possible. Unlike the MOTU devices I also deal with there is no need for protocol analysis since the information I require to implement the driver has been supplied.

Good to see this coming along.

I've got an ff800 and would be more than happy to help out in any way I can, esp coding.

I too am happy to be making progress finally. Keep an eye on the main page and the ffado-devel mailing list for updates as they come to hand. As explained in the latest news post on I'm hoping to move onto testing and debugging the ff800 once I've completed a few other details for the ff400. It is my intention that this will occur sooner rather than later - we'll see how we go.

It would be great to have help with the coding, but that will probably have to wait until the basic foundation is in place. I am not at liberty to release the documentation I've been given and without this it's a little difficult to write the low level driver code. As eluded to though I'm hoping to get to the end of the really low level stuff soon and when that happens there may be an opportunity to divide the remaining work up. Again, watch the above places for information updates and feel free to ping me if you spot something which you think you'll be able to help with.

I have successfully started the ffado-mixer and configured the device and recorded a track in Ardour off the front mic pre!

Using ffado build Version: 2.999.0-2087 and newest jack version jackd 0.122.0
from git repo. Excellent work! So like you have said once in a while I have not been able to configure the interface but if that happens I reboot and it is fine. I am using plain Ubuntu 11.10 no kernel preemption. If you build jack and FFADO from svn and git in the case of jack make sure you have uninstalled your previous version of ffado. Then configure and install ffado and jack with install prefix=/usr this will overwrite the jack install. To uninstall ffado scons -c install and jack sudo make uninstall. For those whom want to use the ff800 now! I will post info about my experience on my website, tech talk topic and show pics.