MOTU is hostile towards Linux

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customerservice at motu.com

When I started I really dreamed to afford a MOTU card.

After some years it really became possible to afford professional
audio cards from the best brands.

And now, we are here; with the looming, rock solid, production
environments under Linux it's a shame that MOTU is hostile against
the best operative system in the world.

I really love your MOTU UltraLite, I've bought one...
But this time I'm switching to the ECHO 12. And as you know it is not
because the ECHO is better or worse than your UltraLite, it is just
because you are hostile to Linux.

So one UltraLite less...

PD: What are you trying to acomplish, who's the driving mind
behind this? Because whoever it is, has totally lost focus.

I presume this is a copy of an email or letter you've sent MOTU. If so, well done and thank you. Letters like this - explaining how their hostility toward Linux has cost them a sale - are the only things which make companies like this sit up and take notice.

I don't really know what drives this hostility. It could well be that our requests for assistance never get past the "sales desk" and onto the people who are in a position to determine that there's no harm in them cooperating with us. Or it could be a total ignorance of OpenSource despite numerous attempts over the years to educate them. So we'll just keep plodding along. I think that MOTU - like many companies before them - will eventually get it, but I'm not willing to guess as to how long this might take.

customerservice at motu.com
Thanks for your response... One UltraLite down.

If this is the game they want to play I'm playing it.
And I've spect all the people reading this to play it with me.

Thank you for writing. As you are aware, at this time we do not have drivers for any Linux operating system. Should interest in using professional audio recording software and hardware under this OS grow our development team will likely consider developing drivers that allow usage of MOTU hardware under Linux. Please continue to check our website for all the latest news, software updates, and releases from MOTU.

This is pretty much the stock standard form reply we've all been getting for the last few years. What it demonstrates is that they haven't been listening and just don't get it. However, they have clearly read your email and know - whether they want to admit it or not - that they've lost a sale because of their attitude towards Linux. For this reason - if no other - the exercise has been well worth it.

I have MotuUltralite (the first one, without "MK")

work's GREAT with ffado!!! THANKS!

That's good news - thanks for the feedback!