Echo AudioFire range fully supported

Echo provided us with an AudioFire8 to help us extend the support for their device range. By doing so we can provide support for all AudioFire devices: the AudioFire2 and AudioFire4 are based upon one platform, the AudioFire8 and AudioFire12 are based on an extended version of that platform.


great news! ... awaiting support for audiofire8. Again, if I can help, don't hesitate.

With the newest firmware from ECHO (4.8), the AudioFire 8 works with beta6. The only part not working yet is the mixer control.

at least on my setup, the mixer volumes default to their MAX, which is extremely high gain to plug directly into studio monitors. a hardware mixer in between the audiofire and your speakers is very helpful for this purpose!

Is the mixer control allready working with the new version?

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I've sent Echo three e-mails this year:

1) Informing them I've purchased their AudioFire2 after learning that they are supporting the FFADO project
2) Asking them about potential firewire hardware conflicts which might prevent me from using it with my laptop
3) Most recently, after I got everything working (thanks for the help!) to inform them the hardware and the software (Linux and FFADO!) it is working with, which should also be helpful for them to build their compatibility database

I should have an AudioFire12 on the way... I like to reward hardware manufactures !! How do I contact that and thank them (to let them know this kind of support is valued)?

I am curious as to the mixer issues tho -- what/where is that?

Thanks ppalmers!!! haven't seen you on #ardour for a while -- hope you are taking in a vacation or something! Thanks for your work.

It would be great if you can drop them a note of appreciation. I guess using the info here:
will get the message across.

All mixer issues should be resolved in beta7.

I need to warn you -- that you'll need access to OSX / XP-SP2 / Vista to upgrade the firmware to what they have listed as 4.8 on the website. Make sure you power cycle and verify that the "console" app is happy with the firmware.

One drawback to the AF12 (not sure if all are this way), is there is no input gain control except for a "PAD" button (+4,-10) -- so you will need a quality pre-amp for mics, but you will probably prefer a full function line/mic pre-amp. I just need to find one now -- instead of lugging around my mixer (which has direct outs).


I'm planning to get me an audiofire12 but i was thinking to what would happen if i want to extend with more then one unit.
so for example i got me 1 audiofire12 and then after a year or so i get me an other one and wont to daisychain them as you can with firewire.

is this possible?

also what is the latency of this unit in general?