16/12 FW

Support Status: 
Not supported



Is anyone (other than me) interested for drivers?
I have looked at isosynchronous protocol and it seems easy to decode.
I'm about to get a PCIlynx board for use with nosy: a solectron one (I hope it's fully compatible for firewire sniffing).
If someone is interested in helping/testing I'd be pleased to share the dev part :)


Hi, i have one hercules, and i would like to use it in linux.
Im a computer engineer, so i could help in development. If anyone is interested please, contact me.



I also have a 16/12FW and I would really like to use it in Linux, speacially now that there's no support for 64 bit OS from the manufacturer.

I could help in some way, since I have the device and *some* programming skills...

Please don't hesitate to contact me!

ffado is open-source, nothing is hindering you from starting :-)

But it will be much, much easier if you get the vendor to a) give you (and possibly us "official" developers) some information and b) contact us to send a device and name a contact for technical question (which will probably not be that many).

But be warned: Its a long and winding road...


Just following up - did you ever get a Solectron PCILynx card, and did nosy work with it? I am looking at them as there are still a few around and I need to get down and dirty with the firewire bus for my Echo Audiofire Pre8.

Anyone else out there had any experience with this card?



I am new but I am using this device for about 5 years. Therefor that hercules is not providing 64 bit drivers and off corse no Linux Drivers I was asking myself if there are any Linux Drivers around.
I am not a developer but I would like to help as far as I can. Just contact me.


I indeed got a successful experience with this card and some devs (about 3 years ago).
This is not very useful now since it was builded against an old FFADO release but I will provide my sources and white papers I wrote hoping this will help to dev a full support for this card.

Hi, I have Hercules 1612 fw but still not work, can you please send me more info about your old drivers and dev for this card? hudson666@seznam.cz