FireWire Audiophile

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Needs firmware upload after being switched on.

The firmware is attached to this post.

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(Note: From the FreeBoB-devel mailing list, referring to the experimental FreeBoB-1.4 release.)

I have tested again the freebob (or FFADO), on my MAudio Audiophile.
And this time I have tried to capture audio and it works. (I was able
to record with my microphone, and a preamp.)
I started it just after an firmware upload with the command
"jackd -d freebob -C" only for capture it works without any bad or
error output. But I still don't hear anything, and jack option
Duplex, or Playback, doesn't change anything. In fact, just after
an firmware upload jackd doesn't output bad errors or too much warnings
it just warn :

libiec61883 warning: Established connection on channel 0.
You may need to manually set the channel on the receiving node.
libiec61883 warning: Established connection on channel 1.
You may need to manually set the channel on the transmitting node.

I tried the test-volume and test-mixer but I don't know very well
how it work, but I think that if I can modify volumes or some
audiophile parameter like on OSX, I will hear sounds. Has I said
on the previous mail I always modify the mixer of Audiophile (by increasing,
or decreasing software output or by linking it on Line ouput 1
or 2) to have sound. I don't yet try on Windows but I think that
this is caused by the firmware or by the Audiophile.

Some additionnal information :

My version of freebob is from the svn site, where I change the directory
"libfreebob-1.4/src/maudio" by adding the file fwap.xml,
and in the file maudio_avdevice.cpp by adding in
supportedDeviceList at the line 78, the line
{0x000d6c, 0x00010060, "fwap.xml"},        // M-Audio, FW Audiophile
(to be verified);
and changing the function AvDevice::setSamplingFrequency for return true.

Consider this device experimental.

Hi, I'm a total Linux noob after being fed up with the huge toll XP lays on my cpu. Can't play mediaplayer and surf the net together, the processor loads go through the roof. Even Mackie Tracktion doesn't run smoothly on my P4 2.4 GHz laptop. I would also love to use my FireWire Audiophile for some home recording with Ardour. But my laptop doesn't even have a line-in...

Anyway, for now Ubuntu looks very promising, but I'm probably way over my head with this:
What firmware upgrade are you talking about? Can't find any on M-Audio's site.

My Firewire Audiophile works in XP although it emits a high frequency whine through my speakers, but I have no idea how to get freebob into Ubuntu. Actually, according to Synaptic, all freebob thingies, jack and QtJackctl are all installed. QTjACKctl starts and works, but no Audiophile to be seen and the lights keep blinking. it does see the built-in audio.

The install istructions are probably very clear for Linux programmers, but me total noob it confuses completely. What means: run as root? If I just type the commands in a terminal I get no reply. Do I need to remove the # in front of the line? Then it says it doesn't know what I'm on about. What do I have to do if Synaptic has already installed the packages?

Would I do better to get an audiospecialist distro like UbuntuStudioa( :(, ugly grey), 64 studio? Dynebolic? Elive (:P)? Would that help any?

The Audiophile is not a device that works out of the box. That's something for the next release I'm afraid.

How do you upload the firmware?
I have a firewire audiophile too, and I'm trying to get it to work ...
thanks Nicola

nicola@laptop:~/ffadosrc/libffado$ sudo tests/test-ffado Discover
verbose level = 0
Using ffado library version: libffado 1.999.6

vendorId modelId vendorName modelName
vendorId modelId vendorName modelName
5254 2802 "Echo" "AudioFire2"
1796325554: Debug (avc_avdevice.cpp)[ 59] AvDevice: Created GenericAVC::AvDevice (NodeID 0)
1796325660: Debug (bebob_avdevice.cpp)[ 62] AvDevice: Created BeBoB::AvDevice (NodeID 0)
1796325713: Debug (maudio_avdevice.cpp)[ 48] AvDevice: Created MAudio::AvDevice (NodeID 0)
1796325761: Debug (devicemanager.cpp)[ 227] discover: driver found for device 0
1796327388: Debug (avc_avdevice.cpp)[ 131] setVerboseLevel: Setting verbose level to 3...
1796327489: Debug (ffadodevice.cpp)[ 122] setVerboseLevel: Setting verbose level to 3...
1796327557: Debug (maudio_avdevice.cpp)[ 111] discover: found M-Audio FW Audiophile
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
1829035703: Error (bebob_avdevice.cpp)[ 228] getConfigurationIdSampleRate: Stream format command failed
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
1861788158: Error (bebob_avdevice.cpp)[ 265] getConfigurationIdNumberOfChannel: Number of channels command failed
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
send oops
1894559431: Error (bebob_avdevice.cpp)[ 265] getConfigurationIdNumberOfChannel: Number of channels command failed
send oops
send oops

(ctrl-c here ...)

Hi, I've compiled libfreebob from the Gentoo Pro-Audio overlay. I'm not sure exactly which version it is because I am away from my PC at the moment, but knowing the overlay it should be a later one. So anyway I can get it to play back audio through jack, however only after I boot into Winblows, which I assume uploads the firmware to the Audiophile. When I boot back into Linux it will work (quite well too), but only until I kill jackd. Then when I try to start jackd up again it does the can't find device etc. So I have to do the whole booting back into Win then back again and it works.

So how would one obtain the firmware first of all, and then how is it uploaded to the device in Linux?? I've tried Googling heaps, but I can't find this exact ifo anywhere...

Ok to all of those looking how to upload firmware, it is possible, however it seems to me that the device is turned all the way down. Pieter is not aware of a way to turn the volume up. I'm quite sure this is the problem, because when I reboot into windoze without actually rebooting the Audiophile, it works normally. Here's how yo upload firmware to the device anyway:

1. Compile libffado via svn or the release version following the instructions on this site;
2. Install;
3. There should now be a program called ffado-bridgeco-downloader installed - in a terminal type: ffado-bridgeco-downloader
4. Make sure that the raw1394 module is loaded: "sudo modprobe raw1394"
5. Obtain the firmware file "fwap.bcd" - if you have the device installed on M$ it will be in C:\Program Files\M-Audio\Firewire Family\
6. This will display the device and its GUID
7. Use this GUID in the next command: ffado-bridgeco-downloader 0x000d6cXXXX firmware fwap.bcd
8. It will take a fair while to load up and will look as if it is turning on and off several times.

And that's it, the firmware is loaded. But like I said, I'm pretty sure the volume is muted. If anyone can shed any light on the volume/ mixer please share!

hi....I tried to do what you suggest, but when I type

$ ffado-bridgeco-downloader 0x000d6c03104bb221 firmware /home/smoqer/m-audio_firmware/fwap.bcd

I obtain

Magic number not correct. Please specify the correct magic using the '-m' option.
Manipulating firmware can cause your device to magically stop working (a.k.a. 'bricking').
Specifying the magic number indicates that you accept the risks involved
with using this tool. The magic number can be found in the source code.

Where can I find this magic number (I looked into the source code of ffado, but I found nothing helpful.....maybe I cannot look for the right stuff :P)


edit.... I found it on this page

the number is 0x001807198000LL

hi smoqer! i also have audiophile. have you managed to make your card working?

Hi....I tried to upload the firmware, but I got this:

smoqer@smoqer-laptop:/media/disk/home/smoqer$ sudo ffado-bridgeco-downloader 0x000d6c03104bb221 firmware fwap.bcd -m 0x001807198000LL
BridgeCo BeBoB platform firmware downloader
Part of the FFADO project --
Version: 1.999.40-
(C) 2008, Daniel Wagner, Pieter Palmers
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

01342520708: (configrom.cpp)[ 581] printConfigRom: Config ROM
01342520780: (configrom.cpp)[ 582] printConfigRom: Current Node Id: 0
01342520801: (configrom.cpp)[ 583] printConfigRom: GUID: 0x000D6C03104BB221
01342520823: (configrom.cpp)[ 584] printConfigRom: Vendor Name: M-AUDIO
01342520857: (configrom.cpp)[ 585] printConfigRom: Model Name: FW Audiophile Bootloader
01342520877: (configrom.cpp)[ 586] printConfigRom: Node Vendor ID: 0x000d6c
01342520898: (configrom.cpp)[ 587] printConfigRom: Model Id: 0x00010060
01342520916: (configrom.cpp)[ 588] printConfigRom: Unit Specifier ID: 0x00a02d
01342520942: (configrom.cpp)[ 589] printConfigRom: Unit version: 0x00014001
01342520965: (configrom.cpp)[ 590] printConfigRom: ISO resource manager: 0
01342520982: (configrom.cpp)[ 591] printConfigRom: Cycle master capable: 0
01342521024: (configrom.cpp)[ 592] printConfigRom: Bus manager capable: 0
01342521052: (configrom.cpp)[ 593] printConfigRom: Cycle clock accuracy: 100
01342521071: (configrom.cpp)[ 594] printConfigRom: Max rec: 8 (max asy payload: 512 bytes)
Info Registers
Manufactors Id: bridgeCo
Protocol Version: 0x00000001
Bootloader Version: 0x00002803
GUID: 0x000d6c03004bb221
Hardware Model ID: 0x0000000d
Hardware Revision: 0x00000001
Software Date: 04.05.2007, 10:22:12
Software Id: 0x00010060
Software Version: 0x00ffffff
Base Address: 0x20080000
Max. Image Len: 0x00180000
Bootloader Date: 06.10.2003, 10:00:41
Debugger Id: 0x00000000
Debugger Version: 0x00000000
parse BCD file
01342599140: Error (bebob_dl_bcd.cpp)[ 358] checkHeaderCRC: checkHeaderCRC: CRC check failed, 0xe3c4bb1e expected, 0x42f50400 calculated
01342599201: Error (bebob_dl_bcd.cpp)[ 180] parse: parse: Header CRC check failed
01342599258: Error (bebob_dl_mgr.cpp)[ 237] downloadFirmware: downloadFirmware: BCD parsing failed
Failed to download firmware
no message buffer overruns

the GUID is correct:

smoqer@smoqer-laptop:/media/disk/home/smoqer$ sudo ffado-bridgeco-downloader
BridgeCo BeBoB platform firmware downloader
Part of the FFADO project --
Version: 1.999.40-
(C) 2008, Daniel Wagner, Pieter Palmers
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Node id GUID Vendor - Model
0 0x000d6c03104bb221 'M-AUDIO' - 'FW Audiophile Bootloader '
1 0x00023f993cdd180e 'Linux - ohci1394 ' - ''
no message buffer overruns

I'd like to try with another copy of the fwap.bcd, but I erased windows from my hdd, so I cannot obtain a new copy of the file...

any idea?

p.s.....I use Ubuntustudio 9.04 amd64, but I've got the same result on debian lenny amd64

I've add info about the audiophile to the wiki and have been working on making a mixer for it so that we can turn up the volume. I've read through these forum posts several times, and each time it seems like many have had far better luck than I.

The device seems to work, and then it loses all connection, even though I can see it in gscanbus. I'm looking into whether or not my Rico R5C8232 1394 host controller is the culprit, since as of two days ago, I could not even enumerate subunits, after building the routing matrix a day or two prior.

Gonna load linux on another laptop i just got a new battery for, which has a texas instruments 1394 host controller. hopefully more luck there.

I've also tried to boot windows first into 1 fw port, then boot gentoo onto the other port, but no luck that route, although i can see windows in gscan bus as well.

Hello I'm a newbie with Linux wasted years with Windows. I've been using Ubuntu for about a month. How to get M-Audio Firewire Audiophile working? I've used google and searched for advice and I'm starting feel exhausted. I've installed UbuntuStudio, ffado, Jack. My computer is HP Pavilion dv8000 laptop. I tried installing fwap.bcd firmware file according to the advice on this page, tried starting up ffado-mixer, ffado-dbus-server, Jackd/QJackCtl, but M-Audio was silent.
What should I try next, cause I can't think of anything?

Also, I'm wondering when the firmware is once uploaded to Audiophile with ffado-bridgeco-downloader, should it remain like that? When I took the power off and on again and checked with ffado-test ListDevices, It still listed that it was in boot state.. I hope somebody understood.

Hi hablom. welcome. Yeah, Windwoes is a drag, but if you can manage to keep a windows laptop around or dual boot, you can boot the audiophile from windows and either plug ubuntu into the other firewire jack or just reboot into ubuntu. Just don't experiment with the firmware download. Do it the right way religiously, everytime. When I was working on this device, I thought I had bricked it by experimenting with the firmware process.

Turns out my audiophile still works with windows just fine, so it is not bricked and it was most likely a failing Ricoh port or an improper configuration of SMbus in the kernel on my part. However, before work came to a halt, I was able to enumerate the routing channels necessary to write the mixer, but my device suddenly just failed to be recognized so progress halted, and it seems like it hasn't moved much since.

The audiophile contains much the same capabilities as the Audiophile 2496 pci card, as well as the Delta 1010 (both use envy24 driver for ice1715 chipset--I could be wrong). Both those interfaces have never given me a problem with Linux, so I suspect a clever layering of ffado and ice1715 drivers could bring it all together.

I went googleyed looking into this a while back, but couldn't find anything to document this part of the audiophile's operation.

For probably the last month or two I have been running the audiophile off a windows vista machine(64 bit)on a 6-pin connector.The computer provides power, so I don't even have it plugged in. I just leave the power button on and it boots with the computer.

On the rare occasion that I bump the cable, the connection with the device is lost. M-audio says to turn everything off before plugging it in. Do what you want, but I already thought I bricked this thing so, I just toggle the power button off/on real fast and I keep playin music in a matter of seconds. No firmware downloading, no flashing lights.

So evidently the firmware does not need to be downloaded everytime, although it was odd how it wouldn't seem to boot completely until that had happened before. Maybe I broke it just right?