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I work on Ubuntu since a few month and I'd like to buy the Desktop Konnekt 6... but for now, I'm not sure it'll be recognized on my PC...

Have you got some news about a Linux driver for this device??


Desktop Konnekt 6 is working on my computer. Thanks to all the developers!
It's been quite stable for a few months now, all 4 output and 2 input channels tested.
I am running:

Ubuntu Studio 9.10 amd64
jackd 0.118.0
ffado (from trunk) 2.999.0-1794M

I added the following to the configuration file (not sure if it's crucial or not)

vendorid = 0x000166;
modelid = 0x00000024;
vendorname = "TC Electronic";
modelname = "Desktop Konnekt 6";
driver = 20;

I added these lines to configuration in trunk and changed the status of this device:-)

Can you give details which parts aren't working?

BTW: Yes, these lines are crucial. Without them ffado will probably not know what to do with the device...

Can anyone post instructions of how to make my konnekt 6 work on linux(ubuntu 10.10). What should i do? Which files to change? What to do with the jack? Please!
I hope for help...

I been awaiting this to work and noticed that it is reported to now.
Doesn't seem to for me though here is my begging for guidance post

t.c. electronic konnekt 6
ubuntustudio lucid

That's right, you don't need to compile anything!

Just apt-get jackd2-firewire, make some modifications as described here, choose to use raw1394 as described here, then you should be good to go.

I wrote a full tutorial which can be found here. Please let me know if there are any mistakes.

I tried following the tutorial on Ubuntu 11.04 64 bits, but Jack won't start.
Does anybody have a step-by-step howto/tutorial to get t.c. electronic's konnekt 6 working?
Thanks so much!

In 11.04 Firewire setup is more or less okay oob.

Steps I took to make Jack and t.c. electronic desktop konnekt 6 work together:

In terminal:
sudo addgroup audio
sudo adduser my_username audio

Install libffado2_2.0.99+svn1985-0lucid0~autostatic0_i386.deb taken from
Thanks (dankjewel) to AutoStatic!!!

Setup Jack, see number 4 on

It would be nice to have something like the Windows/osx "tc near control panel software" available for the built in M40 booth reverb...