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I today have called TEAC / Tascam Canada and they have seemed very interested in helping me definitively confirm or deny FFADO support for this said device as I have seen it on sale for the same price as the Presonus Firepod which before seing this site (only have seen the old FreeBoB site up until a few inuts before my posting of this) had reason to believe that the Firepod was 100% supported.
I have been having trouble getting freebob/ffado drivers and/or UbuntuStudio or any other distro with them already installed even in a beta format. My local music store is willing to help between rentals of firewire and USB pro audio hardware, net search assistance through their inside tracks and letting their vendors know that customers want to use linux OSes with their hardware.
I am willing to rent and test hardware and get various info dumps from them, If anyone would be able to help me with either a full FAQ on how to set up Ubuntu Feisty to do the required work or a custom packaging, live ISO or whatever that a neophyte to the world of linux like myself could use.

Much Appreciated.

I don't really know what you propose here, but as far as I can understand you are proposing to rent certain pieces of hardware to see if they are supported. Although I appreciate the intention, I don't think it is very useful. The best you can obtain is an idea whether it will work or not. But that will never be enough to give it a 'supported' label.

In order for a device to get the 'supported' label (or maybe even the 'reported to work' label) we have to have a way to do some actual support if people have issues. This means that we need the hardware at our disposal at that time, or at least a very similar device.

The problem is that people use the information we provide as a criterion when they buy gear, and I don't want to disappoint people.

There are some vendors that are providing us with devices and information, and these get the highest priority since we can actually guarantee some degree of support for these devices.

Would you mind taking this to the ffado-devel mailing list?


Somebody posted the Configuration ROM contents of the FW-1082 at #ffado:

ROM header and bus information block
400 040f04e6 bus_info_length 4, crc_length 15, crc 1254 (should be 28436)
404 31333934 bus_name "1394"
408 20ff7002 irmc 0, cmc 0, isc 1, bmc 0, cyc_clk_acc 255, max_rec 7 (256)
40c 00022eff company_id 00022e |
410 90143ada device_id ff90143ada | EUI-64 00022eff90143ada

root directory
414 0004bccc directory_length 4, crc 48332
418 0300022e vendor
41c 0c0083c0 node capabilities per IEEE 1394
420 8d000006 --> eui-64 leaf at 438
424 d1000001 --> unit directory at 428

unit directory at 428
428 0003a927 directory_length 3, crc 43303
42c 1200022e specifier id
430 13800003 version
434 d4000004 --> dependent info directory at 444

eui-64 leaf at 438
438 000256b2 leaf_length 2, crc 22194
43c 00022eff company_id 00022e |
440 90143ada device_id ff90143ada | EUI-64 00022eff90143ada

dependent info directory at 444
444 0002ae47 directory_length 2, crc 44615
448 81000002 --> descriptor leaf at 450
44c 82000006 --> bus dependent info leaf at 464

descriptor leaf at 450
450 0004a79e leaf_length 4, crc 42910
454 00000000 textual descriptor
458 00000000 minimal ASCII
45c 54415343 "TASC"
460 414d0000 "AM"

bus dependent info leaf at 464
464 00047b26 leaf_length 4, crc 31526
468 00000000
46c 00000000
470 46572d31
474 30383200

PS, two observations:

  • absence of a Model ID entry,
  • protocol is defined by Tascam/ TEAC (Specifier ID = 00022e, Version = 800003).