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Hi, and thanks for your efforts in making free software a better choice !

I own a TASCAM FW-1804 audio device, which is in "unknown" state in ffado.
It works ok under windoze, so no hardware issues here. I tried it under
UbuntuStudio karmic 64bit. No success at all.
I'm hesitant as to report it as "not working", as the fault may simply be
my lack of experience.

Perhaps I can help ffado at testing this hardware, if precise instructions
are given to me. Also I could send phisically the device to a ffado's
developer. If you think it's worth for the project, please feel free to
contact me.

See my specs and what I did below.
JC (from Spain)

Carillon computer, CPU 4-core Intel Q6700 @2.66GHz, Motherboard Asus P5W
HD Deluxe, ram 4Gb.
Audio card Tascam FW-1804 (the subject here), audio card RME Hamerfall
DSP (pci), intel audio (onboard).
UbuntuStudio 9.10 Karmic 64bit, 2.6.31-9-rt kernel.
Jack V 0.3.4.


---> From Ubuntu Studio Controls, enable memlock 50%, enable raw1394
(ok, after boot the raw1394 module shows as loaded by lsmod)

--> output of "jackd -R -d firewire -v4"
JACK compiled with System V SHM support.
loading driver ..
SSE2 detected
00564053856: (ffado.cpp)[ 92] ffado_streaming_init: libffado 1.999.43
built Sep 17 2009 20:06:09
00564177298: Fatal (devicemanager.cpp)[ 165] initialize: No firewire
adapters (ports) found.
00564177313: Fatal (ffado.cpp)[ 160] ffado_streaming_init: Could not
initialize device manager
firewire ERR: Error creating FFADO streaming device
cannot load driver module firewire
no message buffer overruns

--> Acording to ffado's site, this means that the system is correctly
configured, but didn't find a device.
But, shouldn't it find the tascam at this stage?

--> Opening the Jack gui (jackctl)
In jack's configuration: rt, driver=firewire, frames/period=256,
freq=44100, periods/buffer=3, max.ports=512, time.limit=500, rit=2seg,
input.ch=8, output.ch=2
NOTE: I'm at all unsure about some of these (input&output channels...)

--> Starting Jack server (from gui)
I get this error from jack, whatever interface I set (default, hw:0,
dev/audio, /dev/dsp, plughw:0):
loading driver ..
SSE2 detected
04600043764: (ffado.cpp)[ 92] ffado_streaming_init: libffado 1.999.43
built Sep 17 2009 20:06:09
firewire ERR: Error creating FFADO streaming device
cannot load driver module firewire
no message buffer overruns
13:45:36.968 JACK ha sido detenido satisfactoriamente.
13:45:36.969 Script de post - apagado...
13:45:36.969 killall jackd
jackd: proceso no encontrado
13:45:37.387 El script de post - apagado finalizó con estado 256.
13:45:39.003 No puede conectarse al servidor JACK como cliente. - La
operación global falló. - No puede conectarse al
servidor. Por favor revise la ventana de mensajes para mas información.

--> The 11-digit number changes with different interfaces. An additional tiny
difference occurs with /dev/audio: this line appears after "SSE2 dtected" :
"13:59:58.695 JACK se inició con PID=3266"



first, it seems as if the devicemanager can't find /dev/raw1394...

Second, no, your device shouldn't necessarily show up in ffado. We know nothing about the device, we don't know which chip is in there, we don't know which protocol it uses and we don't know if the vendor changed the stuff inside the chips firmware. And no one yet has asked the vendor to give the necessary information and a device. And the vendor hasn't done a first step towards us about that device.

Thats basically the reason why the status is "unknown".

Probably that will not help you. :-(

Hi there,

I have looked inside my Tascam FW-1804 and discovered what chips are in there:
- PDI1394P23BD
- PDI1394L40BE
- ATMEL AT91M42800A

May you please tell me anything about this device? Maybe this architecture is used in another similar devices?!

Seems like Digidesign Digi 003 is based on Philips/NXP PDI1394L40BE chip:

We began to hear unsubstantiated rumors that the 003 was the result of Digidesign's effort to comply with the European Union’s new directives on electronic devices. An examination of the 003’s circuitry yielded quite a few surprises. First, we were surprised to find that Digi hadn't moved over to the BridgeCo physical layer after all. Instead, they chose the Philips/NXP PDI1394L40BE chip, an earlier version of which is found in MOTU firewire interfaces. Digi has maintained the new blue-masked PCB’s which are found in Revision J of the 002—our favorite and arguably the best sounding revision of the 002.

(Took it from this post)

Hi, thanks for the clear information. Better to be realistic.
I did ask Tascam about linux support some months ago, but never got an answer.
I've read in ubuntu forums that "Tascam is notorious for not letting Linux devs know anything about their products".

So I guess I'll sell out the device :-(
and go buy a supported one from a Linux friendly company :-)
I saw elsewhere in this ffado site that focusrite is such a company, isn't it?

Hey, it's surprising, I feel good, kinda liberated !!! Thanks again.