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I have one of these units. From the Tascam website I found that they have Windows and Mac drivers. Is Mac linux based? Can those drivers be tweaked somehow (is it obvious I am not a programmer). Just want you all to know I am glad to test anything here. But, you'll need to step me through it. Thanks.

Mac is not Linux based and the Mac drivers are useless on Linux. The best thing you can do is convince tascam to help us out.

I have my Fireone working in AVlinux 5.0.3
working with
midi in/out working
control interface not yet.
very stable no xruns
Im happy being that it sat on the self for years now usable again, not so with windows 7

My Tascam fireone is working in Avlinux 5.0.3
in jack use
gives Latency=2.67ms
I used clementime to test output but clem would crash after a few min saying jack crashed when it dident i think
the issue is in gstreamer. increasing the buffer to 256, clem working for over an hour now.
good results with
jackd sold, no xruns in over an hour, still alot of testing to do.
The midi interface shows up in the connections window as firewire midi I havent check operation yet.
Nothing shows up in ffado mixer.
I havent checked recording yet.

I do have a Tascam Fireone working in AV Linux 5.0.3 tube
It works in jackd I have tested it at 44k 48k 88k 96k
The Midi in/out work too
playback is fine. I'm still testing it in recordings
It sat on the shelf for years I was about to dump it, but decided to give it one more try .
it uses the Oxford Semiconductor OXFW971 chip
in jack select
driver = fire wire
device= default
sample rate=44k
I posted a youtube video as Tascam Fireone in AVLinux.

I was curious becase I just acquired one - it seems to work. However the recordings sound horrible. I was wondering if you had any insight into remedies.

I need some help from the FFADO core

The Tascam fireone interface is rock solid at 1.4ms in jack and the output from Ardour is very good sweet no distortion .But the input records with distortion no matter
what the settings and I've tryed everything I can think off. Now the Distrotion sounds like overamped Distortion or recording at the wrong Bit depth like 8 bits instead of 16 or 32
bits. Where in the Driver can I look for Bit depth? Also After taking my fireone apart it uses a Oxford Semi chip OXFW971 I have the Data sheet. I would really like to get this working.

Please some one in the Driver Department give me a little help. also what can i use to intercept the info on the bus?


Are you able to provide a sample of the distorted recording?

It is doubtful that this is a bit depth issue because in my experience pretty much all firewire audio devices run at a fixed sample depth (usually 24 bit). This can't be changed and there certainly isn't any generic protocol support for doing so. While I have little doubt that it sounds similar I suspect the problem lies elsewhere. Having access to a sample of the audio may help in narrowing down the nature of the problem.

In the meantime, I wonder whether the signal level being sent into the interface is simply too high. What happens if you drop the audio level? Also, how have you connected the Fireone to the signal source, and what is your signal source?