IF-FW/DM mk2

FireWire expansion for DM-3200 / DM-4800 digital mixers

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I'm a ffado user at home with a FA-66, and a mac user in my pro studio.

We purchased 1 week ago a Tascam DM3200 with the if/fw dm mkII interface, with the hope it would work with gnu linux, ffad, and ardour, to make our studio 100% freeware (we already use cinelerra for video).
But after 3 full days searchig and testing, it appears that the mkII version of the if/fw dm doesn't work with Qjackctrl. the non-mkII version appears to work well, so we were quite sure the mkII should have worked...

Does somebody knows about this device? It would be great if we could get out of our Mac/Protools system to a Linux/ffado/Ardour one!

Thank you everybody for the good work you do.

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