FireWire interface card for the DM-24 / DM-3200 digital mixer

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I have a DM-24 by tascam and recently bought an IF-FW_DM card which is not with the mixer yet but I was planning to use with an old mac G4 1,25 dual processor or a amd dual core box and windows 7. This; what i read about FFADO is great news since I hate windows. and the mac is just getting old. my comment/question is what is EXPERIMENTAL at this stage? would it work with my UBUNTU STUDIO 11.10 and LMMS, ROSEGARDEN, ARDOUR and these other good AUDIO apps that LINUX is bringing forth? I will guive it a try with the motu 828 MKII and see what happens. and also I want to congratulate all of You involved because this is just GREAT NEWS


Naza Reo

I'm afraid I don't know the state of support for these cards. At a guess I'd say that some things work but many things don't. I am also unsure of who on the ffado development team has access to these devices. It will probably be a case of trying it out and seeing what breaks. Since Ubuntu ships with a FFADO release (probably 2.0.1) and that this is now getting quite old, you may have to upgrade to the latest version if work has been one on these cards lately. But before doing that I'd just try it out and see. This remainds me: we really ought to push out a new release sometime.

On the subject of the MOTU 828mkII, you should have more success. The MOTU driver in FFADO has been around for a number of years now and appears stable - several other 828mkII owners have reported that ffado works for them. I don't think we've had any explicit reports from people running Ubuntu Studio 11.10 but I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work there. I think Ubuntu Studio ships with FFADO 2.0.1 which, although getting a bit old now, should be fine for the MOTU 828mkII.

If you have difficulties with the 828mkII, contact me via the ffado-devel mailing list and I'll see what I can do.