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I use this sound card at home; works well, but there's something i find uncomfortable, and i don't know if ffado (well erm, freebob for the moment) is involved :

When the Phase X24 is powered on, but not connected to my computer (or connected but without jack loaded), i can plug an instrument in one of the inputs, and hear this instrument in my headphone, or whatever is plugged to the 'main', 'monitor', and 'headphone' outputs. If the instrument is plugged in output 1, it will come out the left speaker, and if it's plugged in output 2, the right speaker.

The problem is that, when i start jack, this is not disabled! This means, when i'm recording in ardour, i hear the instrument as it comes in the soundcard (and in only one hear), and the sound of the instrument out of ardour (with latency) at the same time, which is kinda disturbing!

I'm running Ubuntu Feisty and my jack+freebob versions come from the official feisty repos.

Any idea?

This is due to the hardware mixer not being disabled. FreeBoB doesn't support controlling this mixer, but FFADO will support this.

Alright, thanks a lot :)

When using FreeBoB/FFADO (without touching the mixer settings), the card uses the routing settings for standalone mode. If you have access to a computer running Windows or Mac OS X, you can set them to your needs.

In the TerraTec Control Panel, go to the "Output & Settings" screen. In the "Routing" section, "Wave Play 1/2" will match system:playback_1 and system:playback_2 ports in JACK, while "Wave Play 3/4" will match system:playback_3 and system:playback_4. For example the following setup:

Wave Play 1/2 -- Analog Out 1/2
Wave Play 3/4 -- Analog Out 3/4
Wave Play 1/2 -- Analog Out 1/2

will cause that system:playback_1 and system:playback_2 will be routed to physical outputs 1 and 2 and the digital output, while system:playback_3 and system:playback_4 will be routed to physical outputs 3 and 4 and the headphone jack. No direct monitoring of inputs will occur.

(The Control Panel sometimes displays different information than is really set in the card, so even if it already looks to be set like this, be sure to reset the options manually, ideally switching back and forth between some other setting and the desired one.)

Afterwards, you have to save the settings as a "scene". The manual states that settings for standalone mode will be saved when you save a scene without a name, but I believe there was a bug in the firmware (maybe there still is) and in my experience, _any_ last saved scene, regardless of the name (or the lack thereof), became the settings for standalone mode.

So, to be double sure, after everything is set up the way you want, click Scenes, put some name there, click Save, then erase the name, and click Save once again.

This card got 4 outputs and I got a speaker for each one of them. However the outputs 1 and 3 and the outputs 2 and 4 are not properly splitted.

I mean, if I want the sound to come out the speaker 1, I'll have sound into both speaker 1 and 3. Same thing with speaker 2 and 4. I just can't split the channels!

How can I fix that? Do you have any ideas of the cause?


OK, the routing was bad, the channels 3/4 are routed to the mixer as default. You just have to run "ffado-mixer" to change that....then it will work.

The above link to the TerraTec website is broken ... here it is now :

For reference : to make it work (with PureDyne) i have to unload the OHCI module, unplug/replug the firewire cable, and reload the module. Then Jack can find it, and it works like a charm.

#rmmod ohci1394
#modprobe ohci1394
#chgrp audio /dev/raw1394

Is there any info about the specific FFADO mixer for the Phase X24 and Phase24 ? (i'm still using FreeBob mostly)

Thanks for the new link.