Aureon 7.1 FireWire

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Reported to work


Anyone? I'm using XBMCbuntu which may make a difference? Stuck all the relevant libraries etc on but the mixer fails to show anything?

I don't know who it was that reported this device to work or when this was reported so it's hard to check up on whether there was anything special required. My totally wild guess based on your comment is that perhaps audio streaming (with jackd using ffado) might be the thing which works. With firewire audio interfaces the control of the mixer is usually totally independent of the audio data streaming so it's possible to have one work fine while the other does not.

I located a note from 2007 on an opensuse forum where a user claimed their Aureon 7.1 worked "just fine", but unfortunately there was no qualification of what exactly they tested.

The mixers on these devices are often unique, so ffado-mixer will only show device-specific controls if someone has worked out what these should be and how to control them. Depending on the chipset used by the device there are generic mixer codes available; whether this works in a usable way with a particular device depends on what the manufacturer has chosen to do when implementing their mixer functionality. The DICE driver has such a generic mixer for example.

I found an internal photo of this interface. There's a chip in there which looks to be a BridgeCo chip which probably makes it a BeBoB device. I'm not all that familiar with the BeBoB driver but I don't think there's a generic BeBoB mixer. If there was you could try adding a suitable "mixer = " line to the ffado "configuration" file, but from what I can tell there isn't anything to add. It would be necessary to firstly implement the mixer.

As an aside, I'm also not currently certain which "configuration" file entry relates to the Aureon since "Aureon" doesn't appear anywhere in that file. For my benefit, do you know? Alternatively, do you know what this devices's vendor ID and model ID is (using this we can find the entry in "configuration").

Have you tried running jackd with the "firewire" driver to see if you can get audio in and out of the device?

Of course, it's worth asking what mixer/device controls are available on the Aureon. I've found the manual and this indicates that there are some mixer-type controls available. The lack of ffado-mixer controls may therefore come down to the issue that no one has implemented a mixer module for this particular device yet.

The chipset is Wolfson WM8770 & BridgeCo DM1000