NRV10 Mixer

Support Status: 
Reported to work


Albeit working, the thing is not very stable yet. I found jackd dying every couple of hours.
Anyway, to get it working, you first have to install the windows drivers and get the file nrv10.bcd (usually in system32\drivers\nrv10.bcd).
Then, after firing up your mixer, download the firmware, by issueing:
bridgeco-downloader -v -f 0 firmware nrv10.bcd
If needed, replace 0 with your node-id.
After that's done, you can start up jackd. If it crashes, you'll most likely find yourself having to powercycle the mixer and download the firmware again.

Note that power cycling the mixer is probably unnecessary. It might be enough just to unplug and replug the firewire cable.

This mixer has been reported to work but that has not been my luck. The previous instruction is to get the nrv10.bcd but than what do you do with it?? I typed in the command line: bridgeco-downloader -v -f 0 firmware nrv10.bcd but no such command. Jack throws an error message:
no message buffer overruns
JACK compiled with System V SHM support.
loading driver ..
07592075594: (ffado.cpp)[ 92] ffado_streaming_init: libffado 2.999.0-1834 built May 19 2010 19:52:21
firewire ERR: Error creating FFADO streaming device
cannot load driver module firewire
no message buffer overruns
I would like very much to get it to work. Does someone know more about this than I do. I greatly appreciate your input. Thanks

Command line: bridgeco-downloader -v -f 0 firmware nrv10.bcd but no such command.

I think the correct syntax is ffado-bridgeco-downloader -v -f 0 firmware nrv10.bcd
This command is use to upgrade firmware from linux

I've a similar problem with my firewire soundcard (not a NRV10) and were able to resolve it by flashing firmware from windows with the last one available. (in fact after installing driver under windows and plugin the card for the first time, the driver ask me to upgrade firmware, I answer yes, reboot to linux, and my not card was working :) )

So to resolve your problem, I think there is two ways :
- Try to find last available firmware (nrv10.bcd file), and use the command above,
- Find some windows computer with firewire, install last official drivers and flash firware.