More RME news

Thanks to RME, their Australian distributor and project donations, we now have a Fireface UFX. This will be used to extend the RME driver to support the newest generation of RME's interfaces (the UFX and UCX). As always there's no ETA but it's hoped that basic streaming will be brought up fairly quickly. At this stage the UFX will be more easily supported because we don't currently have a UCX. This may of course change in the future.


Uh yeah! Sounds awesome. Keep up the great work!



Hey jwoithe!

are there any news on the UFX drivers? As an UFX owner myself, i've been monitoring ffado for months now, and I'm super curious how the status is now ;)

Would love to do some beta testing for you also!

Greetings from germany!

Hi there!

Unfortunately I don't have any updates as yet. Due to some unexpected real-life issues arising over the last couple of months I haven't had as much time for work on FFADO as I had expected. The UFX drivers are still very much on the radar screen though; it's just a case of finding sufficient time to get a good start on them. I'm hoping things will calm down over the next few months. One thing that I'm working through at present is whether the first cut of the UFX streaming component will be via a kernel module, or an extension of our existing user-space driver. Moving the audio streaming component into the kernel is a long-term goal of the FFADO project, but at the same time this is likely to take longer to get going than if I incorporate UFX knowledge into our existing infrastructure. We'll see.

Please do keep monitoring FFADO for progress in this. Once code is available it would be great to have additional people testing it. Everyone uses things in different ways, so the more people we have testing the more likely we are to catch bugs. As to the lack of progress to date I can only apologise for the unexpected delay.