As of June 2013, a article indicates that the firewire recording interface of this mixer utilises the DICE chipset. It is not currently known how well FFADO's generic DICE driver and mixer might work with this. It will probably come down to how many vendor-specific extensions are used. We also do not yet know the vendor/model IDs.

Thanks to Jano on the ffado-user mailing list for the heads-up about this device.

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I own a MidasF and tried to connect it (Ubuntu Live).
The result is a message that no device was found. I would really appreciate to use this wonderful console with FFADO.


The fact that the system reported no device being found is probably more a reflection on the fact that we don't know the vendor/model IDs. If you could determine these for us we could add them in and see if that makes any difference. The relevant IDs can be obtained using gscanbus or several other methods which have been mentioned on the ffado mailing lists from time to time. If you are interested in pursuing this, perhaps subscribe to the ffado-devel mailing list and we can take it from there.

Keep in mind that even with the relevant IDs this device may still not function with FFADO without extra work being done for the reasons mentioned in the initial comment.