Fireface UCX

Information has been obtained which should allow FFADO to control basic audio streaming operation without a huge amount of effort.

Getting control of the onboard DSP and mixer, however, is likely to take considerably longer because the required information is not available. Furthermore, to code support for this, physical access to a UCX will be required to facilitate debugging. At this stage I (jwoithe) cannot see myself able to afford a UCX in the short to medium term for this purpose. We'll have to wait to see how things pan out over the next few months.

At least partly due to the issues noted above, there is no ETA on any aspects of UCX support at this stage.

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How long do you expect it would take, if you had that device? (Maybe i can borrow one...)

It's a bit hard to be exact because it depends on the timing and how it relates to other things in Real Life. At a rough guess I would expect that audio streaming and basic interface control could be working after 3-4 weeks, assuming I could get to it around 2 to 3 times each week. Control of the DSP and mixer is an unknown quantity until I see some traffic captures; the ease of implementing this will depend very much on precisely how this aspect of the protocol is structured.

Well tbh that isnt too bad.

Ill try to get one of that Fireface UCX devices during the next 2-4 months. Ill mail you again if its here.

not sure if it helps, but i can offer some help for debugging an ucx driver ... i'm not familiar with the firewire protocol, though i know the old hdsp driver a bit ...


Thanks for the offer.

I am hoping to start working with the UFX in the very near future and would be including UCX support at the same time since the two devices are conceptually similar. It would be very good if you could test the resulting driver with a UCX since I do not have one of those.

I can't give an ETA on a preliminary driver to test. It would be best to keep an eye on the ffado-devel mailing list and the website for possible announcements.

If you are desperate and all you want is to use the AD converter, the device supports USB in class compliant mode. See page 49 of the manual. I've used it with Audacity on Fedora 17.

Sorry that this does not further the firewire effort, but I do have firewire and if there is any test I can perform, please email jphartmann on gmail.

This is indeed correct: USB class compliant mode will give you access to the ADC channels under Linux.

Thanks for your offer to test a UCX driver; while I have a UFX for development I currently lack a UCX. Having someone available to run tests will be helpful.

I am planning on getting onto a UFX/UCX driver soon, having dealt with various real-world issues over the last 12 months. The primary question currently being resolved is whether the audio streaming component will build on the FFADO engine or be developed as part of a gradual process to move the audio transport code into the kernel. At present the kernel route is possibly the front runner. In any case, there will be plenty of information made available regardless of the route taken.