FireWire 1814

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Not supported


I'm not a programmer but a musician. I am learning C++ but just starting. I am good in convincing people. If there's anything I can do, please, let me know.


It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle!

Renich Bon Ciric

If you have m-audio firewire gear, please convince them to cooperate with us. If you don't have any, please convince them anyway :).

I'm on it! Any info available for this?

It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle!

Renich Bon Ciric

I'm in contact with a tech support dude from m-audio.
He asked what information they need to supply.


Well, I dunno, but just ask for all the info needed for the driver development. Blueprints or whatever they have! Architecture info, bus and stuff... I'm not a technician or anything, but I'm sure they can provide something very useful!

I contacted to ask for attention to this post!

It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle!

Renich Bon Ciric

Ok, some guy at the mailing list said this:

Comment (by wagi):


To start with, we just need to know the exact order of AV/C commands to
start a stream.

It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle!

Renich Bon Ciric

In general I'd say there are a few requirements:
the developer working on it has to have
1) physical access to the device
2) a contact within the company that can answer some technical questions
if they arise.
3) the essential information on how to address the device, e.g. what
streaming protocol is used, how do you configure the samplerate, how to
start streams, ...

As for me personally, I won't work on it without these 3 conditions
fulfilled. I simply don't have the time for all the remote/reverse
engineering hassle.

Also, the question "what do you need" is a bit of a stupid question.
They have built the device, they have written a driver, so I'd say they
are the ones that know what we need to build a driver. Since I don't
know how it works, I don't know what to ask for.

The only thing we need is that they WANT to help us. Once that's ok, the
other things will work out fine.



PS: It might be a good idea to ask the person you're talking to to
contact me directly (pieter D palmers A ffado D org).

I love their hardware - cheap and very high quality....can't beat that (kinda like Linux, huh?). I'm bugging the hell out of them now to help you (help them) out. Why they won't is quite simply....beyond me and pretty damn retarded. Probably because they are already paying those other guys to provide linux drivers (THAT' DON'T WORK WITH A SHIT).

Pardon my language, but I'm just not the clean-spoken type of guy, and that works out for me just fine.

Thanks for your efforts, guys. Your successes thusfar are VERY impressive, and I think you rock!

Hello, I am a such owner. I've already insisted with support to either provide a driver for Linux, or to provide support to FFADO... All other owners can use this email address for contacting support: techsupt (AT) m-audio (DOT) com (I publish it here because it's hard to find on the site...)
Anyways is there anything else I can do? Tools or scanners I can run to sniff Firewire conversations under windows for example... I dual boot atm (this s/c being the only reason...)


It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle!

Renich Bon Ciric

... and got this reply:

Unfortunately we do not support Linux ourselves however you may be able to find support from the Freebob or Alsa Project open source communities


UK Tech Support


Not sure why we can't get a linux driver for M-Audio if they support Mac OS and Mac is linux based?

There is something that isn't right. I've been talking to my linux gurus and most suggest tweaking a Mac driver. I've never programmed a driver so I wouldn't know where to start?

Any suggestions...comments?

i have a FW 1814 interface.....i'm planning to go on ubuntu...but came to know that there's no support for 1814......I'd really appreciate if FFADO comes up with a solution to my rather our problem.....thanks

Ok, please, read the thread,

You will discover that some guy in the tech department got in contact with Peter Palmers and they seemed to want to cooperate...

Any updates on this?

It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle!
Renich Bon Ciric

What's the status on this? The thread showed that somebody from FFADO had contacted m-audio (finally!)... What end did all this have?

It's hard to be free... but I love to struggle!

Renich Bon Ciric

I have an m-audio fw1814 working currently with ffado-mixer. The computer is sending audio via virewire and it is playing out of 2 stereo monitors hooked up to the device! I am not a developer and I do not know what I did to make it work, aside from installing the packages and disabling pulseaudio auto start.

Currently pulse is not started, I can only control volume from inside ffado mixer... if someone would like to have a remote session with me and analyse my configuration I would be more than happy... lets get this device officially supported!

contact me at brad87(at) if you would like to talk more about this... I have been trying to get in touch with members of the project but its harder than i thought as the irc channel is all but empty.

Thanks for your post and apologies for the difficulty in contacting us. For the benefit of others browsing the pages, the best way to contact FFADO developers is currently via one of the mailing lists: ffado-user or ffado-devel. Details are on the "Contact" page of the website.

I have followed up with Brad87 as he has suggested.