FireWire 410

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i just sent a mail to the m-audio support asking them to support ffado. guess nothing will happen - but if anyone else owns this hardware - i guess its a good idea to keep bugging them with this


Thanks & I think you are right.

I done the same... they replied me they already support "the Alsa Projet" !!!

Then ask them whether their firewire devices are supported by ALSA. Which they are not.

I just contacted tech support as well, mentioning that ALSA is not the solution, and encouraging them to support FFADO in it's efforts, or please let me know anything besides the dead end that searching for info has led me to.

If Anyone else is reading this.. Bumrush M-Audio's tech support about this. It's not a new issue. They just don't want to put the effort in to support an older product. Fair enough.. Let someone else do it!


Has the FFADO project contacted M-Audio in regards to the products that aren't supported. I'm seriously considering selling my Firewire 410 due to zero drivers on Linux.

I don't understand why only few MAUDIO products works with FFADO drivers (like Audiophile or Solo) and not the Firewire 410 or 1814 whereas it has the same firmware ?
Is the Firewire 410 needs itself software to works properly (Due to the many differents output)?

I really want to produce some music under linux but I can't due to non-existent drivers... It's frustrating !!!

Please tell me that Maudio's team works to adapt his hardware to multi platform ...! I love this sound card, it's a very good product and I don't want to sell it now !!! I'm ready to help you if you need... This sound card is among best seller, so it must works on Linux !!! ;o) Thanks

P.S : I'll try to spam Maudio team to advance developments... ;o) J

I have M-Audio FireWire 410 and I would like to use it on Linux..
So if I can I want to help, as I know some basic stuff about programming (C, C++, Assembly)

PS: Sorry about my terrible English. I am from Greece...


is there a plan to support this device in the future? i recently switched my last computer to linux and i would really like to use my beloved 410, at least for simple sound playback.

thx so far,

I have this box. It works with a huge condition.

The box should have a power plug.
I have to plug the firewire on a windows machine, to unplug it, and to plug it on the Linux machine that contains the ffado project

In fact there is a firmware that ffado does not know how to load

The major drawback is if I want to change something in the mixer, I have to shut down ffado, return the box on windows in order to change it.

It might be nice to see in the device support list the "supported except firmware loading" option

The Firmware/FWbootloader is the only thing keeping this from a plug-n-play device. Attempts to use ffado-bridgeco-downloader have not worked yet for me. I can however load the firmware to the FW410 by booting into windoze; Reboot into AVlinux 6.0.3 and everything runs great. I can get FFADO-mixer to controll the FW410 and Record and play. I have also tried using this device with windoze(just courious) and have had little success, only playback, no recording. The FFADO team has way exceeded those other guys for device support. It took a bit, but I'm sure we can just blame M-Audio for that. Thanks to all those who have pounded out code, to keep older devices going, and given some a new life.

I managed to boot the 410 using Juju Utils: ... The forum has the entire procedure: And it works fine in Jack ...

Michele Perrone posted a success report on the ffado-user mailing list in June 2018 (subject: "M-AUDIO Firewire 410 support"). The device was tested using the "firewire" (FFADO) jackd backend at all supported sample rates (up to 96 kHz), and all audio, MIDI and SPDIF ports were operational as appropriate. The ffado-mixer program was reported to provide access to all device controls. These tests were all performed on both Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Audio playback and recording was tested using the latest versions of Ardour 4 and Ardour 5 as of the time of writing.

Thanks to Michele for the report.