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it works but no mixer yet
tried to record a track wiith ardour but the input diode doesn t lit
unable to hear the source from any mic pre input in MAIN
hope it will be soon working
it s a great interface,they no longer support Windows drivers !!!

I'm not sure which chipset this is based on. It may be that this interface implements its own vendor specific control methods. To write a mixer module in this situation would require someone determine how to control the mixer and then write the code to do it.

At least they appear to have stuck to a standard approach for audio I/O.

The muted inputs and outputs may simply be a case of all the gains being set at a minimum by default. Many (if not most) interfaces do this.

At present there are no developers working with this interface as far as I know. To do so one really needs to have the device personally; otherwise the work required becomes impossibly tedious.

The Apogee Ensemble isn't included in our configuration file at present, so it must be falling back to one of the "generic" drivers (either BeBoB or DICE). In this case no mixer module is associated with the device (not even a generic one): only audio streaming will be active, as you have found. It would be good if you could run "ffado-test -v 6 Discover >& /tmp/log.log" and make the resulting contents of the /tmp/log.log file available. This may tell us a little more about the interface. Depending on what chipset it uses, we could then set up a configuration entry to point this device to the appropriate generic mixer. This would allow you to try it and see how it goes. The chances of the generic code working are fairly slim, but it's worth testing if possible.