UF400e Expansion Board

Support Status: 
Reported to work


All working on my system except the |ffado-mixer application which does not recognise the card. As is same as Terratec Phase24 FW is it possible for mixer application to recognise this card and use the Phase24 code to access it.
Otherwise is a pain as have to plug in to a Windoze machine to change sample rate and configuration of the card.


Will post more details but a simple addition to the configuration file and it mostly works.
2 problems so far :

Using the mixer to set sample rate on the CME UF400e seems to send the card into a never ending loop of clicks and only a power reset cures it.

ffado-mixer does not seem to retrive current settings from card at connection and so default settings displayed.

Other than that all sliders and switches seem to work and seems to give 5 levels of adjustment to line in level but only first 3 function as goes silent after that. ( Better than the Windows Mixer supplied which allows switching only between Guitar/Mic ).

If you could provide the details of the configuration file additions you required I would be happy to arrange to have these added to our main repository.

As far as addressing the issues you mentioned, we would require someone with the device to look into the problems in detail and contribute a fix. Without physical access to the device it's very hard to debug things like this.