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Firmware version 5058 is preferable.

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The startup configuration of the device's internal mixer can be such that it won't play through the analog outputs. FreeBoB 1.0 can't change this internal mixer. A workaround is to attach the device to a mac/win device and set the mixer as you want it.

Note that I don't know if the mixer status is retained between power cycles, so you might want to keep the device powered.

I own this unit. I have never had a problem with power cycling.

Oddly, with the most recent version of Ubuntu, what was a perfectly functioning setup suddenly is now not working very well. With the Freebob drivers I was previously using, I was getting zero Xruns under Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04). With the Intrepid version of Ubuntu, I am suddenly getting about one Xrun a second with an error about a dropped packet. When I compiled the beta6 ffado libraries to try to get around this problem, it has solved the Xrun problem (horrah!), but now it seems to randomly zombie and crash maybe once every 15-20 minutes.

So, it is very close to working, but I don't think I'd say that it is exactly working yet. I'll file a bug report shortly.

Hi I use the Firewire Solo and thought the following info would be useful
to you:

- OSX and Windows drivers install different firmware to the device, only
Windows firmware works with Freebob.
- Internal mixer has to be set from the Windows driver for sound to work.
- Sound is muted on power down, so power must be kept up with the

I haven't seen this doco'd anywhere so you may find it useful, I wish I
saw it before...

Keep up the good work!



i have installaed freebob/jack from repository for my m-audio firewire solo on ubuntu 9.10.

after this, i have done the follow commands :
sudo modprobe raw1394
sudo chmod a+rw /dev/raw1394
jackd -d freebob

all ok! it seems to work correctly.

i open the jack tool, and the log is :
13:02:53.306 Patchbay deactivated.
13:02:53.307 Statistics reset.
13:02:53.318 Client activated.
13:02:53.519 JACK connection change.
13:02:53.520 ALSA connection change.

After, i try (for example) to start my mp3 player Audacious. I change output preferences on jack output plugin 0.17.
When i play a song, the log is :
13:02:55.358 XRUN callback (1).
13:03:03.335 XRUN callback (2).
13:03:05.030 XRUN callback (3).
13:03:05.336 XRUN callback (1 skipped).
13:03:07.242 XRUN callback (4).
13:03:16.457 XRUN callback (5).
13:03:30.213 XRUN callback (6).
13:03:30.341 JACK connection graph change.
13:03:30.527 JACK connection change.
13:03:32.307 XRUN callback (7).
13:03:49.711 XRUN callback (8).
13:03:51.795 XRUN callback (9).
13:03:58.891 XRUN callback (10).
13:04:02.655 XRUN callback (11).
13:04:04.777 XRUN callback (12).
13:04:07.386 XRUN callback (13).
13:04:16.022 XRUN callback (14).
13:04:18.226 XRUN callback (15).
13:04:19.725 XRUN callback (16).
13:04:22.239 XRUN callback (17).

but nothing play! what i'm wrong?

The audio card, that was working perfectly on Ubuntu 10.04, has got problems with a fresh new Arch installation (also with Pure:dyne). It records re-route the signals with jack, but there is no sound coming out from the frontal output, and from the unbalaced line outputs (I didn't test the rca out)
If I can send you more detailed debug infos, just tell me how.

My firewire solo is not recognized by ubuntu studio 12.04. If I run the command:

cat /proc/asound/modules

I have only the below listed sound card:

- hw:0 HDA Intel

So, no firewire solo card recognized by the system.

But if I launch the ffado mixer it recognizes "FW Solo (Dummy)" and if I eventually launch Qjackctl you can only choose between these four choices in the interface tab: "(default)", "hw:0", "plughw:0", "/dev/audio" e "/dev/dsp", so no choice for "firewire solo" or somewhat else...

I tried to change the irq of the sound card and sometimes I succeded in making it work but non the less it was recognized by the system.

I would like to configure and use it discarding the integrated sound card just being able to plug and play guitar and hear sound by my monitors.

Has someone some advices?

This is my configuration:

LAPTOP: Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo T5500 1.66 GHz - 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz - NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 7400 GPU
SO: Ubuntu Studio 12.04 kernel 3.2.0-33 low latency pae - Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Xp Professional
SC: M-AUDIO FireWire Solo(TM)

Interfaces supported by the FFADO project are presently only usable via the "firewire" backend of the jack audio server (see for more information on this). In particular, FFADO devices will not presently show up as ALSA devices, which is what you were checking.

There is some information about running FFADO with jack in the documentation section of our website. If you get stuck you might like to post a quick request to the ffado-user mailing list (more people read the mailing list generally than frequent the website comments).