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Hi Wagi,

As there any documents or links to support installation and use of the soundcard on Ubuntu Studio?


The best source of documentation is currently the wiki, accessible via the documentation tab of the website. The direct URL is http://subversion.ffado.org/. There is a document related to Ubuntu Studio 8.10, and while some of the information therein might be useful I suspect things will be a little different for the more recent releases. You don't mention which version of Ubuntu Studio you are targetting, but I suspect it's a recent one.

There is also a guide relating to Ubuntu 12.04. This is not the "Studio" variant, but I expect that some of the information in there may be applicable to Ubuntu Studio as well.

I hope this is of some use. In any case, we could always do with guides for additional distributions so I would encourage you to submit any notes or observations you might make while getting FFADO working on Ubuntu Studio.