Tubefire 8

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Just wanted to let anyone interested know that I plugged in my Tubefire 8 tonight and started up Jack and here's what I found:

Testing conditions: this was tested on a vanilla Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) installation, before trying it I installed jackd, qjackctl, ardour, ffado-dbus-server, ffado-mixer-qt4, ffado-tools and libffado0 (I didn't test it on the rt kernel but I can't imagine there being any problem with that)

Setup: first off I needed to give myself temporary permissions to access the raw1394 device so I ran (in a terminal):
sudo chown /dev/raw1394

next I started the jack control (under the menu-applications-sound & video) and under settings I changed:
driver = firewire
interface = hw:0

the I started the ffado mixer which had nothing in the mixer section (which makes sense because any mixer changes will be done directly on the ART unit itself), but otherwise the ffado-mixer seemed to be "talking" to the Tubefire :)

next I started Jack and to my surprise, sure enough there were 8 listed inputs and 8 I was getting excited....I went into Ardour to test and again everything works....It looks like multiple inputs should work no problem (I only recorded one channel at a time, but I can't see there being any problem) and I tested multiple playback channels at the same time...ran them into my Mackie and everything was I'm assuming (I'll test more in the coming weeks) that recording 8 channels at once should work and playing back 8 separate channels should work too

In the Jack setup if you select the sample rate to be any of the device's supported rates and then start Jack, the unit correctly displays the correct rate by lighting the proper led light

Cheers and I'm off to happy recording land

Unfortunately the ART TubeFire 8 - Eight Ch. Mic Pre with Firewire is now listed under Discontinued Products:

I decided to try ffado against my TF8 after upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04.

qjackctl works when I select Firewire. Changes in the sample rate are
reflected on the front panel of the device (88k, 48k, etc).

Playing a song recorded on Ardour with a Delta 10/10 just plan works.

Hope this helps someone out there.